Chicago Blackhawks Morning Links- I Do Duclair That Was Dirty

BOSTON, MA - MARCH 10: Anthony Duclair
BOSTON, MA - MARCH 10: Anthony Duclair /

Good morning Chicago Blackhawks fans! As expected yesterday the Chicago Blackhawks lost to the Boston Bruins on their home ice after putting up a fight for 2 and a half periods.  Today they face them again, but this time it will be without Anthony Duclair who was injured on a weird looking play involving Brad Marchand

Here is the thing, Brad Marchand is a dirty player and with his reputation and history, I don’t think he should get a pass especially when it injured another player.  Depending on who you are reading you get between it’s unfortunate to dirty.  Here is the play

There is no reason for Marchand to avoid him that way. If he just checks him sure it’s an interference penalty but it would not have caused a knee injury.  Plus he sticks his arm out to close line him which isn’t unfortunate, it’s the reason his knee gets caught and gets injured.

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Before the game, Ed Olczyk said that Marchand is the kind of player that could get 5 points or get a 5 game suspension.  Well in my book he should be getting one for this hit because it was unnecessary and it injured a player.

What do you think?  Here are some morning links to start your time change morning hope you got some extra sleep!

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