Chicago Blackhawks Can Still Play Spoiler Before Their Season Ends

ST. LOUIS, MO - OCTOBER 18: Patrick Kane
ST. LOUIS, MO - OCTOBER 18: Patrick Kane /
ST. LOUIS, MO – OCTOBER 18: Patrick Kane
ST. LOUIS, MO – OCTOBER 18: Patrick Kane /

Maybe you have completely given up watching the Blackhawks this season. But if not, there is still a great reason to tune in and cheer for the Blackhawks down the stretch.

Getting the energy to flip on the TV or head to the United Center to watch the Blackhawks has become a lot harder lately. An underachieving, non-playoff team is clearly not as fun to watch as a Stanley Cup contender.

However, I find myself flipping on the game every night the ‘Hawks are on and I still am cheering for the team to win every contest, even though I know each win lowers their chances at a top three pick in the upcoming draft. But I have never been one to cheer for tanking, even if it seems a large portion of the fan base is looking for the team to lose out.

But there is one thing that all Blackhawks fans can cheer for. While our ‘Hawks may not make it to the postseason, we can still play spoiler to other teams trying to make a run for the Stanley Cup. One of those teams who’s season can be spoiled: the St. Louis Blues.

Making the Blues Feel Blue

As of this moment, the St. Louis Blues are three points outside the final wild card spot currently held by the Colorado Avalanche. Both teams have 13 games left to play this season. The Blues must jump the Flames and Ducks (who are one and three points ahead of St. Louis), but both teams have played two more games and the Blues will pass both of them if they win those two games in hand.

Where do the Blackhawks fall into this? Well, with only 12 games left in the season, the Blackhawks will face off against the Blues three times, the first coming this Sunday and the last two coming in back-to-back games on April 4 and April 6. That’s six possible points left in games between the Blackhawks and Blues and could be a huge reason why St. Louis does or does not make the playoffs.

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On top of this, the ‘Hawks still play the Colorado Avalanche twice in these last twelve games. That’s four more points that hang in the balance for the Blues playoff chances with the Blackhawks on the ice.

The Blues were in the playoff hunt for quite a while before dropping off after the All Star Break. But the team is still in striking distance and there is still belief amongst the reporters and fan base that the team can get into the postseason. After outscoring their opponents 11 to 4 in the last two games, the team may be turning it back on for a playoff fight.

As one of the Blackhawks biggest rivals, I know I would love to see the Blackhawks do their part in keeping the Blues out of the postseason. Misery loves company, and I can’t think of a better team to join the Blackhawks in having their season end early.

If you need a little extra motivation and a reminder of what a true rivalry feels like after a season that has put you in the dumps, take a look at this video:

This article may come off as salty and I completely acknowledge it is, but with only twelve games left in a miserable season, sometimes you have to search for something to get excited for. I hope Blues fans read this and get excited themselves, wishing their team can shut me up. That’s when rivalries are fun. Even if it means our season has sunk so low that I can only get excited to cheer for my team to keep one of their biggest rivals out of the playoffs, I’ll take it.