How good do the Chicago Blackhawks have to be to make the playoffs?

The Chicago Blackhawks have been fighting for the playoffs all season, and while it is a rollercoaster ride with a win here or they’re changing the path of the team, it still can happen. The question on everyone’s mind is how good of a record does this team needs?

Making the playoffs is the Chicago Blackhawks‘ ultimate goal. In 2019 it took 90 points, in 2018 it took 95 points, in 2017 it took 94, and in 2016 it took 87. When you take the averages of these last four seasons it should take around 92 points to make the playoffs this season. However, there are some other factors to take into consideration.

The playoffs are never easy to make. One of the reasons the Stanley Cup is the best trophy in all of the sports is that it is so hard to win. You go through such a long season to basically play a second season right afterward. The Blackhawks are not even guaranteed a spot int he second season just yet.

The Blackhawks sit at the bottom of the Central Division as of right now, but only five points separate them from the playoffs. This wild card race is going to be closer than normal. The Blackhawks are going to have to get at least 94 points in my opinion, and even that might not guarantee this team a playoff run.

The Blackhawks have played 55 games this season and have a record of 25-22-8 giving them 58 points. They still have 27 games this season. In order to get to 94 points, the Blackhawks are going to need to secure 36 more points in some way.

That means that the Chicago Blackhawks are going to need to win at least 18 more games this season. The margin for error is slimming. At the very least the Blackhawks are going to need a record of 18-9-0 to make the playoffs, and that is just to make an average close to what it has been the last few years. Who is to say that this season might take 97 or 98 points just to make it?

If Chicago went 18-9-0 that would make their record 43-31-8. That looks like a playoff team in my opinion. Nothing is guaranteed for the Blackhawks’ future. If we play at a 500 level throughout the next 27 games we can kiss the playoffs goodbye, but if we win just 66% of our games we might be able to get things done. Oh, this is all assuming that teams like Nashville, Winnipeg, Minnesota, Calgary, and Carolina fall off the track at some time!