Blackhawks’ Morning Update: Loss to Oilers could spell the end

The Chicago Blackhawks lost 5-3 to the Oilers last night. With that loss, it could spell the end of the Blackhawks 2019-20 season.

Game Review

The Chicago Blackhawks played 50/50 hockey last night. They had a lot of moments where they look very sluggish. When they were playing well, they scored three goals. The game was technically a one-goal game, considering the Oilers’ fifth goal was an empty netter.

This was a big opportunity for the Blackhawks to gain some ground in the West. With the Oilers not having Connor McDavid for a few weeks, there was no better time than now to take advantage.

The Blackhawks totally fell apart offensively once getting up 3-2 in the second period. There’s been a theme during these last four games for the Blackhawks. It’s not playing a full 60 minutes. That is why they’re 0-2-2 in their last four games.

Playoff Standings

The Blackhawks have missed a few big opportunities as of late. They’re not six points out of the playoffs. They’re in decent shape since they’ve played three fewer games than the Coyotes. It’s only decent shape if they can start winning again.

Tonight, the Blackhawks play again. They’re the only team in the wildcard race that is playing tonight. If the Blackhawks win, they’ll jump ahead of the Predators and be tied with the Wild with 60 points.

The Canucks will be a tough test for the Blackhawks. They’re a team that plays a full 60 minutes against the Blackhawks. If they’re not fully committed, it’ll be a long night for the Blackhawks.

Final Thoughts

My question is, do the Blackhawks rely on Patrick Kane too much? In the last few seasons, he’s been almost all of the team’s offense. Whenever Kane has an off game, the team doesn’t win.

For example, Kane has been scoreless in 12 of the team’s 56 games this season. When Kane fails to get on the score sheet, the team is 1-8-3.

They’re 12-3-0 when Kane has a multi-point night. It’s really hard not to say the Blackhawks rely on Kane too much. If the team makes the playoffs, Kane has to be in the conversation for the Hart Trophy.