Chicago Blackhawks: The Theory Behind Jeremy Colliton’s Glasses

The Chicago Blackhawks’ head coach Jeremy Colliton has a lot of people talking about his glasses on social media.

Jeremy Colliton has been the head coach of the Chicago Blackhawks since November of 2018. Since then, the fans have been tough on him no matter what he does. One funny thing fans do is comment on Colliton’s glasses.

The comments aren’t anything mean towards Colliton. It’s not mocking his look or anything like that. The theory goes deep into the success of the team. When he wears his glasses, the team wins, when he doesn’t, they lose.

Believe it or not, there are people out there in the hockey world that have counted the success of every game Colliton wears his glasses. All the credit of these statistics goes to Reddit user u/miss_arcadian. They were the ones to record these stats for us to find.

In 2018-19, Colliton wore his glasses in 10 games. During those 10 games, the team went 6-4-0. That’s a 60% winning percentage. In the 56 games, Colliton didn’t wear his glasses, the team won only 23 of those games. That’s a 42% winning percentage.

Of course, that was just a small sample size. Any NHL team can have a few good games. This is where things take a slight turn.

In 2019-20, we’ve got double the sample size. Colliton has worn his glasses in 19 of the Blackhawks 56 games. During those games, the Blackhawks are 11-6-2. That’s 24 of the team’s 58 points.

Without Colliton wearing his glasses, the Blackhawks are 14-17-6. That’s terrible. In more games without glasses, the Blackhawks have just 34 points.

For those saying that means nothing, you might be right. The fact is, the game of hockey is played under superstition. Everyone out there is somewhat superstitious in hockey. The legacy of his glasses helps the team win, without him even knowing.

So overall, in his career, the Blackhawks are 17-10-2 when Colliton wears glasses. Without Colliton’s glasses, the team has lost 56 of the 93 games played. That’s just 37 career win when Colliton isn’t wearing glasses. The Blackhawks have a 40% winning percentage without Colliton’s glasses.

This could be more than just a theory. Hopefully, Colliton starts wearing his glasses in more games. We now have a solid sample size to make the argument that it matters.