Chicago Blackhawks: How Much Is Robin Lehner Worth?

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Chicago Blackhawks, Robin Lehner
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The Chicago Blackhawks goalie Robin Lehner has had a solid season so far in 2020. In the summer he will become a free agent, the question is, how much is Lehner worth?

Before I start, I like Robin Lehner. I would love to see him return as the Chicago Blackhawks‘ starter in 2020-21. Hockey is a business though, and there is a salary cap to abide by.

As I’m playing the role of Blackhawks’ General Manager, I am not aware of any conversations the two parties have had with each other. This is just how I believe the Blackhawks should handle the situation.

Right now, the Blackhawks will have $11,000,000 AAV free from both Corey Crawford and Lehner’s contract expiring this summer. The team will need a starting goalie going into next season. It’s fair to assume Lehner has the better upside, especially when he isn’t even 30 yet.

The rumor for Lehner is that he likes it here in Chicago. He would be open to re-signing with the Blackhawks in the summer. I don’t think the Blackhawks could wait until the summer to re-sign him. If they lose him in the summer, they’ll be goalie-less.

If they were to trade him before the deadline, they’d at least be getting a top draft pick. They might be able to steal a first-round pick from a team on the bubble. If the Blackhawks are smart, they’d go for a 2021 first-round pick, not a 2020 first-round pick.

They’d be trading Lehner to a team that is a goalie away from being a serious contender. They’ll have a better chance of getting a top 10 pick if it was a future pick.