Chicago Blackhawks: Here’s Their Realistic Playoff Chances

Drake Caggiula, Chicago Blackhawks (Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images)
Drake Caggiula, Chicago Blackhawks (Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images) /

How realistic is if for the Chicago Blackhawks to actually make the playoffs? Let’s break it down

The Chicago Blackhawks are in the midst of a five-game losing streak. The Blackhawks are just six points out of the playoffs. If they go on a three-game win streak, they’re back in it. I say three-game win-streak because of the Coyotes playing three more games than the Blackhawks. If they were even in games played, I’d have a different reaction.

The Blackhawks will play a back-to-back on the road starting tomorrow. They play against the Flames and then against the Jets. They’ve beaten both teams this season. They’ve also lost to both teams this season.

They’re going to be the biggest games of the season. If they don’t take at least three-points from those games, it’ll be tough to come back. They put themselves in this situation though. The Blackhawks have been in tougher spots and have come back.

It’s a perfect time to go on a three-to-five game winning streak. It’s turning into must-win territory.

Another thing to think about is the trade deadline. Do the Blackhawks buy, sell, or stand pat? I could see the Blackhawks selling Robin Lehner. They won’t have anything else to really sell of significance.

The Blackhawks have to play some perfect hockey coming up. This was a road stretch they needed to be successful in. They’re 0-3-2 in their last five games. It’s gotten worse for the Blackhawks.

The next five games will tell if they can realistically make the playoffs. If they go at least 3-1-1 in those games, it is realistic. Anything worse, it’s a no.