Chicago Blackhawks: 2020 Free Agents To Re-Sign

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Dominik Kubalik, Chicago Blackhawks
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2. Dominik Kubalik (RFA)

Dominik Kubalik has played in 57 games this season for the Blackhawks. He made his NHL debut in his home country, Czech Republic. Kubalik has played great so far this year.

Kubalik leads all rookies in goals this season with 23. He’s also top five in points. During the beginning of the year (2020), Kubalik went on multiple games scoring a goal. He’s had multiple games where he was very close to getting his first career hat trick.

My only concern with him is consistency. He scores a lot of goals but he hasn’t followed that up with a lot of assists. A player that can bring 20-plus goals to a team will have a job for a long time. If he can’t bring the assists total up, I am worried.

There is no promise that you’ll score a goal each night. Even Kane doesn’t score a goal each night. The benefit of players like Kane is their ability to create plays. If Kubalik can get there, he’ll be a huge factor in the future success of this team.

With Kubalik still being in the running for Rookie of the Year, the Blackhawks need to re-sign him. I don’t think he’ll ever get too expensive for the team. I am against longer contracts for less proven players, but I would offer Kubalik four years, $3,000,000 AAV.

The Blackhawks will have the money to pay him $3,000,000 AAV and it’ll keep him on the team for the near future. As he improves as a player, it’ll look like a steal deal. If he doesn’t end up being all the Blackhawks want him to be, they could trade him.

They traded a fifth-round draft pick for Kubalik, to begin with. If they got anything higher, they would have improved on their investment. Still, he is worth a lot more than a fifth-round pick. This is a steal for the Blackhawks, they need to lock him up this summer.