Chicago Blackhawks: Stan Bowman’s 7 Worst Trades as GM

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Stan Bowman, Chicago Blackhawks
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Bowman has robbed the Blackhawks of more playoff success. If they still had half of the guys mentioned in this article, they wouldn’t be fighting for a wildcard spot. The Blackhawks would be a top-three team in the division.

Imagine this being the Blackhawks’ lineup in 2020.

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Panarin – Toews – Kane

DeBrincat – Strome – Teräväinen

Kubalik – Dach – Frolik

Brouwer – Carpenter – Caggiula


Keith – Boqvist

Leddy – Murphy

Maatta – Gustafsson




Of course, all of this wouldn’t happen. There is a salary cap in hockey and they all wouldn’t fit under it.

As stated earlier, teams as the Penguins’ front office wouldn’t let this happen. Bowman has wasted two years of Kane and Toews’ prime. If they miss the playoffs again this year, it’ll be three. The Blackhawks really should have won four or five cups. Bad management took those away from them.

Bowman hasn’t been a great drafter. He did well with the Alex DeBrincat draft choice, but he’s had a lot of busts. Well, they’ve either been busts or he’s traded them away for them to great somewhere else. We can’t blame him for missing out on some talent in the later rounds. It’s hard to spot steals in the draft as other teams have.

It might be time to let Bowman go. They need a better, more experienced, general manager to fix the team. There have been way too many quick-reaction moves that didn’t need to happen. I’m surprised there haven’t been even conversations about relieving him of his duties.