Chicago Blackhawks: Erik Gustafsson could be on his way out

Very soon the Chicago Blackhawks will have the puck dropped against rival Predators. Erik Gustafsson will weirdly be a healthy scratch.

The rumors of the Chicago Blackhawks possibly trading Erik Gustafsson, 27, is becoming more of a possibility. He has been scratched for tonight’s game against the Predators.

There have many rumors of Gustafsson playing for the Golden Knights. They did clear cap space last week and need a defenseman. They are buyers at the trade deadline.

In four years as a Blackhawk, Gustafsson has 28 goals and 88 assists for 116 points. He’s averaged being on the ice for 20:02 during his career. Even though he’s had a rocky season, a change of scenery could be all he needs to revive his career.

Besides the Golden Knights, I could see him being sent to the Blue Jackets. They are also looking for a defenseman, Gustafsson can fill that role.

For the people thinking he’ll be traded to a team within the division, you’re crazy. The Blackhawks won’t give away talent to a division rival, especially if they believe they’ll be back in the mix next season.

I like Gustafsson but if the Blackhawks could get a second-round pick for him, it’s a steal. They’d have to give up more to make it a first-round pick.

Gustafsson being traded makes room for Ian Mitchell‘s long-awaited NHL debut. Chances are, Mitchell will be on the Blackhawks roster next season. They have other top defensive prospects that will be on the main roster within the next few seasons. It’s the best time to move Gustafsson and get something for it.

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If he’s traded before the deadline, maybe Nicolas Beaudin will make his NHL debut. That would be something interesting to see. We’ll keep you posted on our twitter account, @Blackhawk_Up.