Chicago Blackhawks: Big Win on Home Ice Improves Playoff Chances

Patrick Kane #88, Chicago Blackhawks (Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images)
Patrick Kane #88, Chicago Blackhawks (Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images) /

After a big win on home ice tonight, the Chicago Blackhawks have won four straight games. Now, things are looking better for Chicago.

Get this, the Chicago Blackhawks are four points out of the playoffs. They’ve now won four straight games. They travel to Detroit tomorrow to play the Red Wings. As hot as the Blackhawks have been, it’s fair to expect another hot start from their offense.

The Red Wings are the worst team in the NHL, by far. The problem is, Chicago got hosed by the Devils earlier this season. Right now, the Devils are towards the bottom of the standings, aside Detroit. There are no easy games in the NHL.

If the Blackhawks do win tomorrow, they’ll be just two games out of the playoffs, for at least an hour or so. They’ll need the Jets to lose on the road against New Jersey. Along with a Jets loss, they’ll need the Coyotes to lose on the road to Calgary.

After tomorrow, the Blackhawks will still have two games in hand on the Jets and the Coyotes. That being said, Chicago is in a really good spot.

What’s important is how the Wild and Predators end up. The Blackhawks will play the Wild two more times. They play the Predators one more time. Those two teams are ahead of the Blackhawks. They’re not up by much though.

The two wildcard spots are wide open right now. For the fans who think I’m crazy, just wait and see. The next 15 games will be interesting. Chicago is getting hot around the right time. They just need to take it one game at a time.

I was worried about tonight’s game. I thought the Oilers were going to be a tougher challenge. As the Blackhawks showed tonight, they’re ready for anything.

I now take those worries to Sunday night, against the Blues. The Blackhawks did struggle in the third period tonight  They almost blew the entire game  They’ve tended to do that against the Blues this season  That can’t happen again.

Side note, if the Blackhawks win tomorrow and on Sunday, they’ll have 74 points. If the Coyotes, Predators, and Jets both lose tomorrow, the Canucks lose on Sunday, and the Blackhawks win their next two games, the Blackhawks will be tied for the last wildcard spot at 74 points.

Of course, if the Wild lose their game tonight and tomorrow, the Blackhawks will pass them up in the standings. This race is getting tight. It’s closer than it looks.

Bring on the Red Wings and let’s go Hawks!