Blackhawks: Alex DeBrincat Adds New Dog To His Family

Alex DeBrincat, Chicago Blackhawks (Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images)
Alex DeBrincat, Chicago Blackhawks (Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images) /

On Instagram, Chicago Blackhawks’ forward Alex DeBrincat has made an account for his dog. On that account, it was announced that a new dog was joining their family.

Though the Chicago Blackhawks have stopped playing due to the Coronavirus outbreak, Alex DeBrincat and his girlfriend added another dog to their family.

DeBrincat made an Instagram account for his dog Ralph back in April of 2018. Yesterday, they added Burt, DeBrincat’s new dog, to the account. The account is stress relieving, especially during these rough times.

What I find clever about the account is the account name. As we all know, DeBrincat’s last name has “Cat” in it. Instead of having DeBrincat in the name, it’s DeBrindogs. Such a clever idea from Alex.

Adam Boqvist lives with DeBrincat. He is regularly featured on the account.

DeBrincat isn’t the only player on the team that has an account for his dog. Dylan Strome has an account for his dog Wrigley. Strome’s dog is a golden retriever.

Wrigley and now both DeBrindogs comment on each other’s posts, acting as best friends, just how DeBrincat and Strome are in real life. Not many people have accounts for their pets, but these two do.

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If you don’t already follow them, you can follow DeBrindog’s here and Wrigley Strome here.