Why I Watch Old Blackhawks’ Games And Why You Should Too

Patrick Kane, Chicago Blackhawks (Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images)
Patrick Kane, Chicago Blackhawks (Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images) /

There is nothing wrong with watching old Chicago Blackhawks’ games. For those who say stop living in the past, I don’t think remembering their past is living in it.

The Chicago Blackhawks had an amazing run from 2009-to-2017. NBC Sports Chicago, NHL Network, and NHL on NBC have shown old Blackhawks’ games, along with other teams as of late during this quarantine period.

Here are good reasons why to watch these games. First thing, it keeps people at home. During the Stanley Cup Playoffs, you’re going to be at home watching the game. Even though you know the outcome, it’s still cool to remember the old players and see your favorites play at their best.

The next thing is it teaches us to appreciate the good moments in Chicago sport’s history. It’s not a bad thing to appreciate things that happened in the past. Once you realize you’re not in the “good old days”, it motivates you to get back there. It should motivate fans to soak it all in next time they’re this successful.

Chicago sports have waited years upon years to have great success. For example, the Blackhawks waited 49 years to finally win another Stanley Cup. The Bears have been to one Super Bowl since 1985 and they blew the game. The Bulls haven’t been a serious contender since the early 2000s. The Cubs are questionable this season, while the White Sox are the White Sox.

There’s no negative reason not to enjoy this time we have while we have it. I don’t know when any of our favorite teams will win a championship in their respective sport. When there are no live sports, why not enjoy older games when they’re on TV.

Both the Hawks Rewind and the Bulls Rewind have been great. For those who can’t access those channels, most of those games are on YouTube. Though we are in an interesting time, which will test our patience, we have old games to watch.

For those who were too young, or have kids now, why not watch the old games and explain the success period of the Blackhawks to them. It’s never a bad idea to crank out the old games and enjoy them with people who are seeing them for the first time.

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This also gives people a chance to get back into hockey. If you’re not a big fan of hockey, watch some of these games. The whole perspective of the sport changes when you see playoff hockey.