Blackhawks: Justin Barron is worth drafting in 2020

Justin Barron #20, Halifax Mooseheads (Photo by Minas Panagiotakis/Getty Images)
Justin Barron #20, Halifax Mooseheads (Photo by Minas Panagiotakis/Getty Images) /

For a few months now, I have been hyping up the possibility of the Chicago Blackhawks drafting Justin Barron in the 2020 NHL entry draft. Here’s why.

With there being no certainty of the NHL every returning this season, the Chicago Blackhawks would have a top 10 pick, most likely, depending on the lottery. Even if they were to slip in the draft, Justin Barron would be a perfect fit for the Blackhawks.

Barron, 18, won’t be a top 5 pick, his draft stock has fallen a little bit. I find him falling to the teens, maybe even into the 20s. If the Blackhawks are sold on him, they could trade down and take multiple first-round picks from a desperate team, while selecting Barron deeper in round one.

Those who say the Blackhawks don’t need more defensemen could be right, but what if they traded away Calvin de Haan? They’d have to switch things up. Also, what happens with Brent Seabrook next season?

Barron isn’t a day one starter, he’ll need another year to grow as a player. I believe that due to his health this season, sidelining for the majority of the season with a blood clot. That is something that will worry teams from taking the stud defensemen.

It’s not something that scares me off the bat. I am worried, of course, but I believe in taking risks. I think Barron has the potential to be better than Bowen Byram, the player I wanted the team to select in 2019.

As I am very high on Barron, I wouldn’t select him over Alexis Lafreniere. If Lafreniere is on the board when the Blackhawks select, they’d be fools not to take him. The only way that is happening is if Chicago gets lucky enough to win the draft lottery.

If they fall anywhere from 8-10, they need to trade down, unless they believe in a different player.

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Call me crazy, but if they traded down and stole a few draft picks from a desperate team looking to move up, it’ll benefit them in the long hall. Barron is the steal of the draft, even if he isn’t ready day one.