Chicago Blackhawks Cancel 2020 ‘Summer’ Convention

Brent Seabrook, Chicago Blackhawks (Photo by Stacy Revere/Getty Images)
Brent Seabrook, Chicago Blackhawks (Photo by Stacy Revere/Getty Images) /

Amid the COVID-19 crisis, the Chicago Blackhawks announced today that they will not be having their annual convention this summer.

With the NHL season on pause, the Chicago Blackhawks have gone ahead and canceled their annual convention in the summer. This could mean two things. Either the season will resume and there won’t be time for it, or that means the season is over, they’re just waiting on clarification.

As more time passes, I’m starting to believe the NHL season will be canceled. The longer teams are forced to stay at home, the more time these teams are going to want to get ready for the season to resume. Who knows if there’s enough time for everything?

At this point, is it worth waiting it out and potentially starting the 2020-21 season in late November, maybe even December of 2021? The NHL has to look at that.

I would assume the league would have a shortened season if they started the season later. That could be something Gary Bettman and the team owners just aren’t interested in though, as they’d be losing money.

So, the Blackhawks convention being canceled gives us a few things to think about. It’s something that could be hinting at the season being completely over. I say this because if the season resumes and fans are allowed to come back to the United Center, why wouldn’t they have the convention?

Throughout the next few weeks, we’ll have more on if the season resumes. Throughout the country, many states have “closed” down until the end of April. If we are adding a two-week mini-camp period, the soonest we’ll see NHL hockey again is in mid-to-late May. June 1st is the earliest I would count on.

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If they can’t start it back up by June, the season might be scratched. This is an unfortunate time, but the league has to do what’s in the best interest for everyone.