Blackhawks: Should Steve Larmer have his number retired?

Steve Larmer, Chicago Blackhawks (Photo by Graig Abel Collection/Getty Images)
Steve Larmer, Chicago Blackhawks (Photo by Graig Abel Collection/Getty Images) /

The Chicago Blackhawks have yet to retire Steve Larmer’s number 28, the question becomes, should they do it retire his number?

Let me rephrase the question, it should be, when will the Chicago Blackhawks retire Steve Larmer‘s number? Larmer is a Blackhawks’ legend, holding a streak of 11 straight seasons without missing a single game.

That isn’t a misprint, that’s 11 straight seasons without missing a single regular-season game. Larmer was one of the last true iron men in hockey, that also put up numbers on the score sheet. I don’t know which is more impressive.

Larmer played in 891 games for the Blackhawks, where he scored 406 goals and had 517 assists for a total of 923 points. After his time in Chicago, Larmer went to the Rangers, where he was apart of the 1994 Stanley Cup-winning team.

The sixth-round draft pick out of Peterborough did everything in the NHL, besides two things. The first was to be elected into the Hockey Hall of Fame, the second having his number retired by the team he spent 13 seasons with.

I like Larmer’s attitude about the whole situation. On NBC Sports Chicago’s Blackhawks Talk podcast, Larmer had this to say about wanting his number retired.

"“Not really. It’s a number. I’d almost rather have somebody wear it. Nobody wants 28 anyway, so what difference does it make? A lot of great years there. I got to play with some wonderful people and I grew up there. So nothing but fond memories and wonderful experiences.”"

That is such an old school thing to say. The old school guys don’t feel the need to be recognized, they know how good they were, and they let it show on the ice. They don’t go around boasting about their career accomplishments.

I believe the Blackhawks are long overdue of retiring Larmer’s number. Also, the Hockey Hall of Fame is long overdue of putting Larmer in the Hall of Fame.

The guy put out ridiculous stat after ridiculous stat, while not missing a game in 11 seasons. He also won the Calder Trophy during his rookie season, while being close to winning the Selke Trophy multiple times in his career.

The Blackhawks have only retired six numbers. It’s fair to expect four more coming when Patrick Kane, Jonathan Toews, Duncan Keith, and Brent Seabrook all retire.

Still, it’s hard to get your number retired by the Blackhawks. Most recently, now traded, defensemen Henri Jokiharju wore 28 on his jersey. Besides Larmer, 14 other players have worn 28 in Chicago.

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The Hockey Hall of Fame should at least put Larmer in the Hall of Fame. He fits the criteria. If he ever gets inducted in the Hockey Hall of Fame, the Blackhawks should retire number 28. Just saying, it’s worth it.