Blackhawks: Patrick Kane forced into a Blues jersey on Twitter

Patrick Kane, Chicago Blackhawks (Photo by Bruce Bennett/Getty Images)
Patrick Kane, Chicago Blackhawks (Photo by Bruce Bennett/Getty Images) /

Okay… thank God this didn’t actually happen. The Chicago Blackhawks forward Patrick Kane didn’t actually wear a Blues jersey, it was photoshopped.

Well… four days ago, I almost threw up when I saw an edit on twitter of Chicago Blackhawks‘ forward Patrick Kane trapped into a Blues jersey from an edit made by a graphic designer. As contributors for ‘Bleedin’ Blue’ said, it was “Stomach Turning.”

Not only would Kane never play for the Blues, if he somehow ended up there, but fans would also cut him off until he at least retired. The same thing happened when Brett Favre ended up playing for the Green Bay Packers’ rival, Minnesota Vikings for the last two seasons of his career.

I don’t know how I would personally react if I saw Kane in a different jersey in real life, but here’s the edit by Chris Ramirez. I do give him credit for being talented and causing a stir for the past few days.

There are always rumors circulating about players leaving their current teams when their contracts are up to “ring chase.” Well, mostly in the NBA these days, but still, there are always worries when it comes to a star player with the skill of Kane.

For example, John Tavares left the New York Islanders to play for his home town Toronto Maple Leafs. What if Kane left Chicago to play for the Buffalo Sabres when his contract ends in a few years?

That would be terrible. There would be a lot of hate thrown from Blackhawks’ fans towards Kane when he returned to the United Center for his first few games back, which would be the first few seasons since the Sabres play in Chicago once a year.

It would be nuclear heat, worse than what happened with Tavares when he went to Toronto. The good news is, Kane is under contract, with a no-trade clause, until 2022-23. After that, I am assuming he’d be offered another long-term deal, to end his career in Chicago.

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That’s just something all of us will have to stress over in three years. If the Blackhawks can make the playoffs within the next three years, it’s almost a lock to keep Kane for a few more seasons. If they don’t, maybe he’ll take his talents somewhere else to get his fourth Stanley Cup.