Blackhawks: Does Rocky Wirtz have control of the management situation?

Rocky Wirtz, Chicago Blackhawks (Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images)
Rocky Wirtz, Chicago Blackhawks (Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images) /

With the success of the Chicago Blackhawks being in the past, it’s time for the team to make changes. Does Rocky Wirtz have full control over the changes though?

The simple answer is yes, Rocky Wirtz owns the Chicago Blackhawks, so he technically can do what he wants when it comes to Blackhawks’ staff. When I ask the question does he have control of the situation, I mean, does he have a full grip on Stan and Scotty Bowman?

It’s well documented that Scotty Bowman is a control freak and is impossible to work with unless you’re winning. It turns out, his son, Stan, is the same way. I believe in some way, Scotty is pulling some strings which have kept Stan in power.

If Wirtz fires Stan, he would have to fire Scotty as well. Does Wirtz want to take that chance and get rid of that great hockey mind? I personally believe the old man is losing it and doesn’t have a grip on today’s NHL. It’s starting to show.

The Blackhawks need to unload the Bowman’s and bring in younger guys for higher-ups like many other successful teams have done throughout the sports world lately. The game has changed from even how it was in 2010. Some of these guys on the staff can’t cut it anymore.

Wirtz is locked down to anyone with the last name Wirtz, as he won’t fire his kids, but can relocate them to a different position on the team. If he wants to keep Stan Bowman around, he could technically promote him and find a new general manager. The problem with both Bowman’s is, it’s reported that they’re both power-hungry.

Having those two around is bad news. Wirtz helped reclaim greatness with the Blackhawks when he took over in the late 2000s and he’s ruining it with the team of executives and management he has today.

Some of the pieces for success are there, but there are a lot of people that need to go. I know Bowman helped bring a lot of success between 2010-2017, but the last three years have been a crazy decline and regression. He might not be the one that can dig this team out of this hole they’ve created.

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Wirtz has to find someone that is.