Chicago Blackhawks: All-Time Rivalry Mount Rushmore

Jean-Yves Leroux #23, Chicago Blackhawks (Jonathan Daniel /Allsports)
Jean-Yves Leroux #23, Chicago Blackhawks (Jonathan Daniel /Allsports) /
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Jean-Yves Leroux, Chicago Blackhawks
Jean-Yves Leroux #23, Chicago Blackhawks (Jonathan Daniel /Allsports) /

The Chicago Blackhawks have had some serious rivals during their time in the NHL. Some of the rivals the Blackhawks smoked, some they were even with, and some smoked them.

Detroit Red Wings

The Red Wings and Chicago Blackhawks are a rivalry that will never end, no matter which conference the two teams are in. As it’s died down during the past few seasons, the two times these two meet up each year is fun.

The Blackhawks truly had the last laugh, as they came back from a 3-1 deficit in the 2013 playoffs to win a Game 7, in the Red Wings’ last game as a Western Conference team. It was a great, dramatic, physical series, which saw some old-time hockey between the two.

In the regular season, the Red Wings have the series lead, with a  369–271–84–15 record, which will probably never be broken, as they play just twice a year. It would take a long time, which even then, might never happen.

The Blackhawks are in the lead for 43 playoff wins to 38 against each other. They also have the lead for most wins in a row, which was 13 against the Red Wings. Two of the Blackhawks’ Stanley Cup wins have come against the Red Wings. They haven’t lost a Stanley Cup series against them in league history.

Another historic these two teams have in common is they played in the first winter classic game ever, against each other in 2009. That game didn’t go Chicago’s way, but it’s cool to see these bitter rivals make history together.

These two teams never have and never will get along. Overall, Detroit is Chicago’s biggest rival, but unless the NHL pairs them in the same division again, they’ll stay as distant rivals, instead of head-on rivals.