Chicago Blackhawks: All-Time Rivalry Mount Rushmore

Jean-Yves Leroux #23, Chicago Blackhawks (Jonathan Daniel /Allsports)
Jean-Yves Leroux #23, Chicago Blackhawks (Jonathan Daniel /Allsports) /
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Marian Hossa, Chicago Blackhawks
Marian Hossa #81, Chicago Blackhawks (Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images) /

Nashville Predators

Now, this rivalry is somewhat fresh, as the Blackhawks and Predators really hit it off starting in 2010. The Blackhawks went through the Predators during the 2010 playoffs, along with doing the same in 2015, both years winning the Stanley Cup.

This is controversial, as the Predators haven’t found much success in their entire existence. They’ve struggled to make it past the second round for most of their time in the NHL. Still, as of late they’ve been a powerhouse in the Central Division, a powerhouse who has kept Chicago on their toes.

If people think new rivalries are dead in sports, look no further than these two teams. Every time these two teams match up, it’s brutal. The Blackhawks aren’t technically a physical team, but when called upon, they can lay the body on teams. One of those teams in Nashville.

The Blackhawks are 60-44-4-9 against the Predators in their 117 meetings. This season, the teams split the season series, with a potential of them meeting in the playoffs if there is a 24-team playoff race. If this does happen, I want Chicago to beat both Nashville and then dethrone the defending Stanley Cup Champion St. Louis Blues.

What really helped head up this rivalry was Nashville sweeping the Blackhawks in 2017. If Chicago would have gone through Nashville, which everyone expected them to, they wouldn’t be on the list. The issue for these two teams is their tension since 2010.

Without the past decade having these two teams matchup three times in the playoffs and starting a big feud, they wouldn’t be on this list. If things keep going the way they have, they’ll be here for a long time.