Blackhawks: Looking back on the 2010 Stanley Cup

Chicago Blackhawks (Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images)
Chicago Blackhawks (Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images) /

The Chicago Blackhawks celebrated a big milestone today. It was filled with fun posts by players and even a few interviews. Many different news sources were recounting the game, and I thought the day after I might give my recount.

I was still a pretty young fan when the Chicago Blackhawks won their first championship. I went to my first game the year before and had not gone since, but my love for hockey was growing. While I do not remember a lot about the games themselves I do remember the fun and exciting time of trying to get the championship hat and gearing up to go to the parade downtown and watching the rally at a friend’s house on tv.

Watching the news at night to try and follow the championship parties at various bars and restaurants was amazing, and it always seemed like players were out celebrating the Blackhawks championship.

Ten years is a long time. Since the Blackhawks’ first championship with Toews and Kane they have gone on to win it two more times, with different players along the way. Sometimes it might be hard to look back at this decade because of the rapid fall that occurred from 2016-2020, but at the same time knowing how amazing and electrifying this team was early on gives me hope that they can do it again someday.

The Blackhawks had a dynasty ten years ago, and it all started with that goal from Patrick Kane in the slot that by all means should not have gone in. I guess the hockey gods wanted to see Chicago celebrate.

I have been reading a lot of different sources the past few days, and a lot are already counting out the Blackhawks for this postseason meeting with the Edmonton Oilers.

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While I do believe it is an uphill battle when you look at the names that are still here from that 2010 group, there is no doubt in my mind they might just be able to surprise some people and have a fun playoff run.