Blackhawks: Comparing the contracts of Alex DeBrincat and Brandon Saad

Brandon Saad #20, Alex Debrincat #12, Chicago Blackhawks (Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images)
Brandon Saad #20, Alex Debrincat #12, Chicago Blackhawks (Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images) /

This might be kind of a stretch, but in my opinion, two Chicago Blackhawks contracts have some interesting comparisons when you look at them side by side. So let’s dive in and talk about the contracts of Brandon Saad and Alex DeBrincat

Brandon Saad and Alex DeBrincat were both drafted by the Chicago Blackhawks. They were both drafted in the second round, Saad 42nd overall and DeBrincat 39th overall. If you were going to redraft either one of their drafts I am certain they both would have gone a lot higher.

Both of these star players signed second contracts for about six million dollars a year, how they got to that six million or more dollars is pretty interesting. I still remember the day we traded Saad to Columbus. I was upset and felt like the team should have kept their young talented winger if they were going to win any other Stanley Cup in the coming seasons. Saad had speed and was the power forward Jonathan Toews needed on his first line.

The only issue is Saad was just worth too much. Saad put up 11 points in 23 games in the 2015 Stanley Cup playoffs and had a stellar season where he put up 52 points. It was not a fluke of a year for Saad either, because he proved he could play in 2014 when he put up 47 points.

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Saad and his agent bet against him in the long run by taking a long term contract for six million a year. Saad signed a six-year contract for six million a year at the age of 22 with the Columbus Blue Jackets. This differed from DeBrincat.

DeBrincat had a great few seasons with the Blackhawks. After putting up 41 goals and 76 points last season with the Blackhawks it looked like DeBrincat was set to be an NHL all-star someday, and lead the Blackhawks back to the playoffs. He was rewarded a three year 6.4 million dollar contract which would ensure that at the age of 25 he is ready to make the big bucks and make the Blackhawks his team. However, he followed up his 76 point season with only 43 this year.

The interesting thing about the Saad and DeBrincat contracts it that DeBrincat bet on himself while Saad played it safe. Both are making a nice amount of money, there is no doubt about that. However, Saadtook a more secure route by taking a six-year contract while DeBrincat wants to hopefully make more money in a few years by only taking a three-year contract.

Funny thing is the year after signing their contract Saad produce 53 points, a career-high, while DeBrincat put up 43, a major decline from where he was last season. Do you see a comparison between the DeBrincat and Saad contracts? Which would you prefer – shorter term like DeBrincat or long term like Saad?