3 Blackhawks legends that Chicago could use this post-season

Denis Savard, Chicago Blackhawks (Photo by Focus on Sport/Getty Images)
Denis Savard, Chicago Blackhawks (Photo by Focus on Sport/Getty Images) /

The Chicago Blackhawks have had their share of legends play for their franchise and today’s team could certainly use some of what those skill sets would bring.

This isn’t the same Chicago Blackhawks roster that dominated throughout the 2010s, helping lead the organization to achieve a dynasty of three Stanley Cups in six years.

This current team does have a lot of talented pieces that can certainly work towards a winning equation, including an unparalleled level of veteran leadership that can still be counted on to contribute.

And there may be more to their potential than their recent results would suggest.

However, there’s no denying that some immediate support to enhance their capabilities would be welcomed. Who wouldn’t want to add hall of fame players from their prime to the lineup?

When looking at Chicago’s storied history, they have a wide selection of quality candidates that could infuse a positive impact into today’s locker room.

Although these elite few are all retired and well past their peak playing years, this is about recognizing what they brought at the heights of their success and how that would help in the present day.

Let’s take a look at three Chicago favourites who would all complement this current roster.

Denis Savard

When you witness what players like Patrick Kane can accomplish in this generation of the game, you have to reflect on Denis Savard‘s lasting impact with great appreciation.

Savard was a professional for nearly two decades, from 1980-1997, during an era in this league when size seemed to reign. Yet, at 5’10” and 175 lbs, that never did present a problem for him.

His was a fearless style full of forced creativity so he could navigate his paths. Known for his spin-o-rama, he didn’t shy away from making the moves that needed to be made to get the puck where he intended. Sound familiar?

Playing most of his career with the Blackhawks, Savard accumulated 1,096 points through 881 regular-season games. He never did win a Stanley Cup with Chicago, but his contributions made those teams far better than they would have been without him.

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For that timely powerplay, during overtime of a series-clinching game in the playoffs, throw Denis Savard out there alongside Patrick Kane and witness a Blackhawks magic show like no other.

Chris Chelios

It’s impossible to talk about franchise greats and not have Chris Chelios at the centre of the conversation. He earned his place atop our 1990s Mount Rushmore.

Even though Chelios is a more recently retired star, who was still active when the Blackhawks began their takeover of the 2010s, his elite status for this organization holds up throughout their history.

Chelios was aggressive, powerful, and durable. He was known for his work ethic and fitness levels, which fans now experience firsthand in workhorses like Duncan Keith.

With a plus/minus of 120 from nine seasons with the Blackhawks, along with his 487 points, he would bring a balance of production and dependability to a team that could use the consistency.

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Adding his type of strength and leadership to a core that already includes Brent Seabrook and Duncan Keith, Chris Chelios would enhance the positive influence amongst the youth of today’s team.

Tony Esposito

If you’re going to reinstate any Blackhawks goalie back into today’s game, why wouldn’t you go directly to the one with the most wins in franchise history?

Let’s put Tony Esposito‘s impact into perspective. Corey Crawford has been the team’s starter for 10 years now, yet he’s played just over half the number of games Esposito did for this organization.

It’s not solely about him logging the most minutes. Esposito also earned the best numbers in Chicago’s history. 74 shutouts across 15 years with the Blackhawks is quite an accomplishment. He even added 25 assists.

Although Esposito never did win a Stanley Cup, he captured the Calder Trophy, won the Vezina Trophy three times, and made five All-Star appearances.

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Bringing in a proven star like Tony Esposito to help between the pipes would provide comfort and confidence to an uncertain goaltending situation in Chicago. And if Crawford does play this post-season, a mid-20s Esposito as a backup isn’t such a bad idea.

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It’s impossible to add Denis Savard, Chris Chelios, and Tony Esposito back into this lineup, let alone from when they were in their prime. But just imagine how fun it would be to witness those types of talents alongside today’s Chicago Blackhawks.