Blackhawks: Corey Crawford had COVID-19, is back now

Corey Crawford #50, Chicago Blackhawks (Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images)
Corey Crawford #50, Chicago Blackhawks (Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images) /

The Chicago Blackhawks goalie Corey Crawford is the only player on the team that tested positive for COVID-19, which is why he missed all but one day of Blackhawks training camp.

After some speculation, we finally know why Corey Crawford has missed all but one day of the Chicago Blackhawks summer training camp. The reason was, he was the only Blackhawks player who tested positive for COVID-19.

The way the NHL set up the return to play plan, we weren’t supposed to be given the reason why players missed practice, that is why many fans came to crazy conclusions on why Crawford was not seen on the ice.

Now that he is healthy and cleared to return, Crawford is back with the team. Crawford, who just had a newborn child during the NHL pause, stayed in the guest bedroom and wore a mask around the house, keeping a distance from his wife and kids to keep them safe and healthy. Once he was cleared, he’s gone back to normal life, which includes playing hockey!

He looked rusty in practice today, but that is to be expected, coming off of dealing with COVID-19 and not being on the ice in months, many people would be just as rusty as him.

Crawford has a few days to get ready and prepared for Game 1 against the Oilers if he is going to play. The team leaves tomorrow for Edmonton, has two more practices before the exhibition game against the Blues, and then two more practiced before the real games start. Is that enough time?

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Either way, we’re glad he’s back and I hope he can be ready for the playoffs. The team needs him if they want to make a serious run.