Blackhawks: Fans shouldn’t complain about the playoff format

Corey Crawford #50 & Duncan Keith #2, Chicago Blackhawks (Photo by Jeff Vinnick/Getty Images)
Corey Crawford #50 & Duncan Keith #2, Chicago Blackhawks (Photo by Jeff Vinnick/Getty Images) /

With the Chicago Blackhawks back in the playoffs, NHL fans and even some Chicago fans have some negative things to say about their spot.

The Chicago Blackhawks are back in the playoffs, as they just finished Game 1 against the Edmonton Oilers, in their 6-4 win. The series is far from over, but they looked really good for the first 55 minutes before they slowed down and gave up two late goals.

Fans love to say the Blackhawks don’t deserve to be in the playoffs, they stink still, they suck, etc. They just beat up on the defending Stanley Cup Champion Blues last week and just beat the Oilers in Game 1 of their series.

Here’s why I believe fans shouldn’t complain, it’s just the qualifying round! If Chicago wins their series, they earned their number 8 seed, if they lose, they lose and it’s like they never were even here.

I get they finished 7 points back from the wildcard, but there were 12 games left. That’s 3 wins and an overtime loss to be tied for the wildcard spot. Is it likely that they would have come back and to take the spot? Probably not, but it’s not like they were 100% out of the playoffs.

The NHL came together and came up with the 24-team playoff format, since there was still 12-13 games left for most teams. The last month of the season is crucial, espically when there are a few teams that are still in the hunt for the playoffs, like the Blackhawks technically were.

So, whether your team is in the 24-team bracket or isn’t, there’s no need to be down on the Blackhawks, if they earn their spot. Also, let’s say they go and win the Stanley Cup, there’s no reason to say there was an asterisk and it doesn’t count, they would have had to win 19 playoff games!

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This might not change everyone’s mind, but it’s something to look at. I hope all fans enjoy the playoffs! Enjoy the rest of your weekend and Go Hawks!