Drake Caggiula out might give Blackhawks an opportunity to change lines

Drake Caggiula #91, Alex DeBrincat #12, Chicago Blackhawks (Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images)
Drake Caggiula #91, Alex DeBrincat #12, Chicago Blackhawks (Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images) /

Drake Caggiula is going to miss tonight’s game thanks to a suspension on a hit he gave out in game one. Him being out of the lineup gives the Blackhawk an opportunity to shake up their lineup.

It still is up in the air on who will take Drake Caggiula’s spot in the lineup for game two. One thing we do know is no matter who makes the spot, they are not going to be able to provide the same physicality that Caggiula usually brings.

Caggiula is only missing one game, but a lot can change with tonight’s matchup. We could go from a one-game lead to a tie or a demanding two-game lead. Honestly, I want the Blackhawks to win more today than I did on Saturday, and I think we can do it if we shake up a few things in our lineup.

I know how good the Blackhawks top line was last game. Without them, we would not have beaten the Oilers, but at the same time, I want to see our other lines putting the puck in the net just as much. I think we might benefit from shaking up a few things.

The Blackhawks need Alex DeBrincat to be a factor on their offense, and they just are not getting the best of him so far. I think we need to put him with Dylan Strome again as the two of them have great chemistry.

If the Blackhawks want to really spread out their wealth then they will have the following lineup tonight. I do not think they are going to make that many changes, but they should consider it if they want to come away with the win.

Brandon SaadJonathan ToewsDominik Kubalik

Alex NylanderKirby DachPatrick Kane

Alex DeBrincat Dylan Strome – Matthew Highmore

Dylan SikuraRyan CarpenterDavid Kampf

Maybe the Blackhawks will try and change things up for a bit going into game two. They can always fall back on a lot of their old lines when it comes down to the second and third period, so why not put some things in the blender and see what shows up.

I wouldn’t mind putting Brandon saad ono a different line, but I understand the Blackhawks do not want to touch their top line which was so great in game one. This new lineup would give the Blackhawks an opportunity to see what their young guys like Alex Nylander and Kirby Dach are made of when they are playing with an elite player like Patrick Kane in a playoff-like atmosphere.

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We will know in just a few hours what the Blackhawks lineup is going to be for game two. At a time like this, I could see Coach Q putting a few players in the blender just to see what comes up. Now we will find out what type of coach Jeremy Colliton is going to be with the Blackhawks!