Chicago Blackhawks vs Vegas Golden Knights: Game 2 Recap

Patrick Kane #88, Chicago Blackhawks (Photo by Jeff Vinnick/Getty Images)
Patrick Kane #88, Chicago Blackhawks (Photo by Jeff Vinnick/Getty Images) /

The Chicago Blackhawks come into Game 2 against the Vegas Golden Knights down 1-0 in the series. They’ll have to be at their best if they want to tie the series.

The Chicago Blackhawks are down 1-0 in the series against the Vegas Golden Knights, a team that they’ve only beaten once in league history. They now have to find out a way to tie up this series, as Game 3 and 4 gives the Blackhawks the last line change and the advantage.

First Period (D- Rating)

The Blackhawks came into this game needing to start quickly, they didn’t do that at all. It looked like they not only had any puck luck but that the ice was tilted in favor of Vegas. Shooting the puck on the net just seems like something impossible, as Chicago has just 7 in 20 minutes.

Corey Crawford has given up two soft goals, something that hasn’t surprised many fans, with the majority fo the goals he’s given up during the Oilers series shouldn’t have gone in. This just really wasn’t their period.

This might be the worst Chicago has looked in their short play-in and playoff run now. It’s something that needs to change quickly if they want to have a chance in this game.

For the fans who think the series is over, it’s not. There are still 40 minutes left to play. The Blackhawks just have to get more pucks on net, not hit the post, and give Crawford all the help he needs, as he is off today.

2-0 Vegas after 1

Second Period (A Rating)

The Blackhawks bounced back after falling down 2-0 in the first period. Kirby Dach and Dominik Kubalik opened up the scoring for Chicago, tying the game at 2. Even though Vegas matched them late, Chicago tied it back up at 3 with Dylan Strome‘s tap-in towards the end of the period.

Patrick Kane has an assist on all 3 goals. If he could add to his 3 point night with a goal, that would be beneficial for the Blackhawks.

This game has changed with the momentum all in the Blackhawks favor. For some time, it looked like Vegas was running away with the game. Chicago tightened up some holes in the dressing room during the intermission, the guys started shooting the puck more, and they became more physical.

The Blackhawks scoring on the Power Play will help their confidence next time they have that chance. This game will come down to which team makes the least mistakes in the third period.

Chicago looks good, but can they hold off Vegas and score the game-winning goal in the third period?

3-3 after 2

Third Period (B+ Rating)

In the third period, the Blackhawks showed that they can play well defensively when it matters. For 20 minutes, it was either Crawford making a good play, a great defensive clear, or Chicago looked good with the puck but didn’t score.

There were a few penalties missed by the referees that would have given the Blackhawks a Power Play and the chance to win the game, most notably in the last minute of the game when Brandon Saad was elbowed in the head. With that missed call, it was enough to run the period out to send it to overtime.

The third period gave both teams little to no space and was physical. This will be the first overtime playoff game for Chicago since Game 3 against Nashville in 2017. The nerves have to be there for every fan.

3-3 after 3

Overtime (F Rating)

In overtime, Dylan Strome hit the crossbar and almost one it early on. Besides that, Chicago played mostly defense, but not great defense, as the game-winning goal showed that they might not have a defense at all, outside of the top line.

Crawford had no chance to saw the game-winner in overtime, but it would be nice for him to bail the team out here and there when they make a critical mistake. It’s something he hasn’t been able to do during the playoffs this season, in my personal opinion.

4-3 Vegas, Final

Overall (B Rating)

Besides losing the game, Chicago did improve in today/tonight’s game. They battled back down two and then again down one. This was a game they should have won, but they didn’t.

Of course, the last time they fell down 2-0 in a series, they were swept in 2017. The time before that, it was a road series against the Blues in 2014, that series, the Blackhawks came back to win the series in 6.

If Chicago loses on Saturday, the series is basically over. They have to at least tie the series before Game 5 if they want a shot. This was a demoralizing loss, but no one expected Chicago to win the series in 5 games anyways. I believe in this team still.

At least this wasn’t a 9:30 start and at least we have baseball!