How Coyotes moving to the central division will impact the Blackhawks

Brandon Saad #20, Chicago Blackhawks (Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images)
Brandon Saad #20, Chicago Blackhawks (Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images) /

The Arizona Coyotes are going to move to the central division at the end of next season. How is that move going to impact the Blackhawks?

The Chicago Blackhawks are going to have to brace for some changes when the Seattle Kraken break into the NHL at the end of next season. The Kraken are going to hope that they are the next Golden Knights, and even we might model our game after the Knights as well.

The Blackhawks already have a lot of traveling to do during their busy season. Now tossing in more frequent trips down to Arizona to play the Coyotes, and this team is not going to catch a break. Travel is a significant factor when it comes to teams in the Central Division.

The Central might be the most spaced-out division. There are very few trips that can be one night things; instead, teams have to devote multiple days on the road. Imagine playing for the New Jersey Devils, going into New York to play a game against the Rangers, and getting home an hour later to your own home after the game.

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I know that this is a little issue when it compares to just going out and playing good hockey, but the travel is a significant issue in the NHL. This also adds another talented team into the Central. While the Coyotes might not be at the peak of their play just yet, they are improving every season, and next year might be their year to take the next step.

The Pacific Division is a relatively weak division right now, and I feel like adding the Coyotes is like adding one of the better teams available to an already tough division. The Blackhawks might not be able to win a championship for the next few seasons, but we are going to hope that they can compete in three or four seasons.

That is just around the time the Coyotes are going to be hitting their stride. The Coyotes have so many former Blackhawks on their team, and they also have a lot of great young players in general. Clayton Keller and the pack are going to compete for the Stanley Cup eventually, and knowing our luck, it is going to be after they join the Central.

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To make it far in the playoffs, you need to win your division, and the Coyotes joining the central does not make things any easier. Hopefully the Blackhawks will break their streak of finishing last in the division next season, and then they can build on it with the Coyotes around!