Dylan Sikura Needs To Prove He Belongs With The Blackhawks

Chicago Blackhawks, Dylan Sikura #95 (Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images)
Chicago Blackhawks, Dylan Sikura #95 (Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images) /

Dylan Sikura has not elevated his game yet to belong in the NHL. But for the Chicago Blackhawks to succeed this season, they will have to see Sikura step into the NHL better than ever.

Dylan Sikura is an example of a high-level prospect just not able to translate his game to the NHL. For the Blackhawks, they have done almost everything they could to allow him to succeed.

I believe this coming year will be Sikura’s last opportunity to make the Blackhawks NHL roster full time. In two years, he has only played in 47 games, and he has only registered one goal along the way.

The 25-year-old does still have some time before his opportunity will pass, but with the Blackhawks, I would consider this his final shot at the NHL. Sikura has been giving great shots in the past, with the team giving him a spot in the top six along with a guy like Jonathan Toews. This coming year I would not mind seeing something similar.

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Personally I would not mind seeing Jonathan Toews and Patrick Kane play with Dylan Sikura and elevate his play. We have seen the Blackhawks play anyone along with their two big stars, and it has worked in the past. This would also allow for a little more depth up and down the lineup.

Sikura has struggled in the past, and I do not think his run with the Blackhawks next year is going to be very long if he fails from the start. Do not expect to see Sikura in the lineup every night like Alexander Nylander despite his shortcomings game in and game out.

The team needs to see these young guys step up to the plate if they want to have any chance at competing next year. Chicago has the stars, they just do not have the supporting cast right now.

Finding young players on cheap deals that can complement our stars is going to be what gets this organization back on track within the next few years. If Sikura can find a way to make himself a weapon on this team that can help elevate the entire team’s play then he deserves one more shot at the NHL.

Do you think we will be seeing Sikura in the NHL next season? If he can be a productive forward and not be a liability on defense then I believe the Blackhawks should give him a shot, but he is not that young of a kid anymore the clock is ticking on his opportunity with this team!