5 Famous Celebrities Who Like The Chicago Blackhawks

Actor Vince Vaughn (Photo by Tasos Katopodis/Getty Images)
Actor Vince Vaughn (Photo by Tasos Katopodis/Getty Images) /

From shoot-the-puck to playoff games, we have seen many celebrities show up to the United Center to support the Chicago Blackhawks. Here are 5 celebrities who are fans of the Blackhawks.

The United Center has been home to many elite players, both on the hockey side and the basketball side. The United Center has been nicknamed the Mad House On Madison – as they’ve seen titles come through, with some of the most passionate fans in sports; like Chicago Blackhawks fans.

It’s hard to argue the Blackhawks don’t have some of the most loyal fans. They have an over 500-plus game sellout streak, along with being the top team in attendance in the 2010s. Whether its Game 1 of the regular season or Game 1 of the Stanley Cup Final, it’ll be hard to find many empty seats in the UC.

Vince Vaughn

Actor Vince Vaughn grew up an avid fan of the Blackhawks, along with being a Cubs and Bears fan.

In 2011, Vaughn was a co-star in The Dilemma, a movie where Vaughn and co-star Kevin James went to a Blackhawks game to win a chance to go to the All-Star game by playing shoot the puck.

Vaughn regularly attends games with his wife and kids, even during the seasons the team hasn’t been so good.

CM Punk

CM Punk is an actor, former professional wrestler, and former UFC fighter. Punk has been a diehard hockey fan since he was a kid. Not only does he like the Blackhawks, but he is also an avid Cubs fan.

If Punk isn’t at a Blackhawks game, he’s most likely watching it at home and tweeting about it.

He is very active on social media when it comes to hockey. He also has an interesting relationship with LA Kings’ mascot Bailey. They’ve had a friendly rivalry over the years on social media, as the Blackhawks had a grueling rivalry with the Kings in 2013 and 2014.

Jim McMahon

Former Bears’ quarterback Jim McMahon has been seen at multiple Blackhawks games. He has played shoot-the-puck multiple times. He has an interesting form, but it’s great to see former athletes rocking the red.

Most fans know McMahon as the Punky QB who won a Super Bowl for the Bears in 1985-86. Not many see him as a Blackhawks fan – but it turns out that he does root for them. He isn’t diehard as others on the list are, but it’s always good to see former athletes rooting for their city’s teams.

Chance The Rapper

Chance the Rapper is a famous rapper, who also has one of the best hockey skits in SNL history. It’s an on-going gif used by the Blackhawks Twitter account themselves, “Let’s do that hockey.”

Chance The Rapper has played shoot-the-puck multiple times, with him also meeting a few players and being gifted a jersey with his name on the back of it. It was signed by Patrick Kane, who he thanked in an Instagram post in 2014.

Barack Obama

Former President Barack Obama isn’t a celebrity per se, but he is one of the most recognizable figures in the world.

The former President, who was a former state senator of Illinois, had the honor of inviting the Blackhawks to the White House 3 different times.

One of the best jokes he made when speaking with the team to reporters was not letting Corey Crawford speak, as he dropped two F-bombs at the Hawks parade – (the joke is at 1:03 in the video below).

Besides being a Blackhawks fan, Former President Obama is a White Sox fan and a Bears fan.

Tell us who we missed in the comments below! Who is your favorite celebrity Blackhawks fan?