How The Blackhawks Matched Up Against The Pacific Division Teams

Olli Maatta #6, Chicago Blackhawks (Getty Images)
Olli Maatta #6, Chicago Blackhawks (Getty Images) /

The Chicago Blackhawks are going to have a hard time making the playoffs next season. If they find a way to sneak in it is not going to be as a top-three team within the central division. So they are going to have to work to become a wildcard team.

The Western Conference wildcard race is made up of teams from the central division and pacific division that do not make the top three teams in their respective divisions. For the past few seasons, the two wild card teams have been mostly central division teams.

The Pacific Division has been one of the weakest spots in the league the past few seasons. With teams like the Los Angeles Kings and San Jose Sharks both going through a rebuild, all of a sudden teams like the Arizona Coyotes are actually competing for the playoffs each season.

For the Blackhawks to compete for the wild card position they are going to have to make sure they win their games against the Pacific Division next season. We have already broken down how the Blackhawks did against their central division rivals, now let’s talk about the Pacific.

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Pacific Division

Vegas Golden Knights: 39-24-8
Chicago went 1-1-1 against the Vegas Golden Knights

Edmonton Oilers: 37-25-9
Chicago went 2-1-0 against the Edmonton Oilers

Calgary Flames: 36-27-7
Chicago went 2-1-0 against the Edmonton Oilers

Vancouver Canucks: 36-27-6
Chicago went 1-2-0 against the Vancouver Canucks

Arizona Coyotes: 33-29-8
Chicago went 1-1-1 against the Arizona Coyotes

Anaheim Ducks: 29-33-9
Chicago went 3-0-0 against the Anaheim Ducks

Los Angeles Kings: 29-35-6
Chicago went 1-0-1 against the Los Angeles Kings

San Jose Sharks: 29-36-5
Chicago went 1-2-0 against the San Jose Sharks


In all, the Chicago Blackhawks went 12-8-3 against the Pacific Division teams. This gave them 27 points that the team needed in order to top some of the teams like Anaheim when it came to making the qualifying round.

If Chicago did not win their three games against the Ducks this past season then we might have seen the Ducks this August instead of the Blackhawks. Winning games against teams like San Jose and Los Angeles is going to be critical for the Blackhawks to make the playoffs next season.

Whenever the Blackhawks have California road trips I know it is tough. The team is spending days on the road for three or four-game road trips. Sometimes that is tough on the team and costs them some wins. So great job Chicago for coming out on top with a 12-8-3 record against the Pacific Division teams this past season!