Chicago Blackhawks: The Comeback Victory I will Never Forget

Chicago Blackhawks, Marian Hossa #81 (Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images)
Chicago Blackhawks, Marian Hossa #81 (Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images) /

The Chicago Blackhawks have had a lot of notable comeback victories throughout their years as a franchise. For me, as a fan, one game stands out amongst the rest.

Yes, the Blackhawks comeback victory against Boston in the Stanley Cup final was incredible; yes, game one against Nashville in 2015 was also fun to watch. However, my favorite game goes back to the 2014-15 season during the regular season.

Being in the building for a comeback win is even more special than watching it on tv. When at the stadium, sometimes you question whether or not to stick around, especially when the ‘Hawks fall behind 3-0 after the first or when they are down by a goal with just a few minutes to go in the game. While I would never leave, the thought does cross your mind.

So December 29th, 2014, featured a Blackhawks home game against the Nashville Predators. The Blackhawks were going to make the playoffs again that season, but beating the Predators definitely would help lift the team’s hopes in a close race to the playoffs.

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I was at this game with my family. We were hoping for a ‘Hawks win, and we had great seats. So you could imagine our sadness when the Predators scored three unanswered goals. Goals from Roman Josi, Craig Smith, and James Neal crushed the spirits of every Blackhawks fan in the building, but the game was not done just yet.

Chicago started to build their way back into the game, thanks to three straight goals by the Blackhawks; it was an entirely new hockey game with two minutes left in the second period now tied three to three.

I was so excited to see the game tied going into intermission until James Neal scored again with under a minute to go in the second period. I wish I could link in some of these goals, but if you have NHL TV, go back and watch this game.

The ‘Hawks would go on to win this game thanks to a great by Bryan Bickell to tie the game with a minute to go in the game, and then a shootout victory thanks to a lone goal by Jonathan Toews. Watching a shootout was always fun, and watching a ‘Hawks comeback victory with my entire family was great! What was your favorite comeback victory that you remember from the team?