Chicago Blackhawks: Kirby Dach Just Turned Into A True Leader

Kirby Dach #77, Chicago Blackhawks (Photo by Adam Pantozzi/NHLI via Getty Images)
Kirby Dach #77, Chicago Blackhawks (Photo by Adam Pantozzi/NHLI via Getty Images) /

It looks like Kirby Dach will take on more of a leadership role for the younger players on the Chicago Blackhawks, like himself. He showed that last night being the first new teammate of Lukas Reichel to introduce himself.

The Chicago Blackhawks drafted Lukas Reichel with the 17th-pick in the NHL draft last night. He says he plans on being ready to play in the NHL in two-years. Even though he plans on joining the team when he is 20, it didn’t stop Kirby Dach from introducing himself to his new teammate.

Dach had a conversation with Reichel after round one wrapped up. Reichel, who is the newest member of the Blackhawks had a lot of questions for the second-year forward, Dach.

Dach showed his leadership starting the clip off talking about how excited he is to get to know Reichel as a person, along with how excited he is for Blackhawks’ training camp. Reichel was very thankful, along with asking questions about the city.

"Reichel: “How’s the city like… and to play in the arena? Dach: “I love Chicago. I think it’s the best city in the NHL. Obviously, I have a lot of fun living there. There’s so much to do but the fans are awesome. Hopefully, you’ll get to experience it right away when you get there."

This is great to see, as Dach is going into his second season with the team. Obviously, he’s 19-years-old, he isn’t going to out-rank Jonathan Toews or Patrick Kane, along with most of the team. Dach showing that he is willing to take on a leadership role and show the younger players coming in the ropes is a great thing to see though. It shows the Blackhawks are in good hands in the future.

If anything, Kirby Dach is the biggest help to Reichel. Reichel was a draft pick fans didn’t expect to see, something that they voiced their opinions on loudly. The same thing happened when Kirby Dach was selected. If anyone knows how to shut out the noise and play well, it’s Dach.

Dach has become a fan favorite in just one season with the team. He has a bright future and can really help out these younger players in the next few drafts feel welcomed.

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I must say, Dach, is maturing very fastly, which will help him become a star in the NHL.