The New Untouchables List for the Chicago Blackhawks

Kirby Dach, Adam Boqvist, Chicago Blackhawks Mandatory Credit: James Carey Lauder-USA TODAY Sports
Kirby Dach, Adam Boqvist, Chicago Blackhawks Mandatory Credit: James Carey Lauder-USA TODAY Sports /

The Chicago Blackhawks are trying to rebuild their roster on the fly while keeping some of their stars on the team. So that raises the question of who is untouchable on this roster?

This has always been a question Chicago Blackhawks’ fans have asked throughout most of the Stan Bowman era. Chicago has always had a definitive core group of players, with a lot of players that could change on the fly due to cap space issues.

Now the Blackhawks find themselves in a rebuild, and the untouchables list is mostly players who can hopefully make an impact on this roster five years down the line. Everyone is expendable during a rebuild for the right price.

If the Blackhawks can get a trade going on any of these players in the hopes that it will bring back some bright assets, then go ahead and trade away. However, everyone on this list probably will not be actively shopped by the Blackhawks.

The Chicago Blackhawks Untouchables

Adam Boqvist:

Adam Boqvist is going to be a great defenseman for the Blackhawks for a long time. Hopefully, when his contract goes up at the 2021-22 season’s conclusion, the team will sign him long-term. A bridge deal will only ensure that his asking price will be much higher down the line.

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Kirby Dach:

Kirby Dach showed throughout most of this season that he deserved to be a third overall draft pick. With the team waiting to sign Strome, I believe Chicago subconsciously is showing that they believe Dach can be the future center, making Strome more expendable. I can not even imagine what Chicago would have to get in return to trade Kirby Dach, comment down below what you think would be a good return for the team’s third overall draft pick.

Alexander Nylander:

I did not want to put Nylander on this list if I am honest, but assuming he goes out and plays alright next season I believe Chicago will not deal him. The Blackhawks are not going to deal Nylander because the return for him is not going to be that high and they are better off taking a chance he can become a top-line NHL player. He fits the mold of the young team the Blackhawks want to have and hopefully, he will succeed next season with another long opportunity with this team.

*Dylan Strome:

While Dylan Strome does not have a contract he is apart of the future plans of this team. This is all depending on what kind of deal the Blackhawks reach with Strome. Strome and Dach can become a very capable one-two punch at center, and if Strome does not live up to expectations this coming season Chicago can always trade him for some prospects and picks. Strome is untouchable much like Nyander because the Blackhawks are so weak on offense without them.

Ian Mitchell: 

The Blackhawks believed Ian Mitchell was more NHL ready last year, but he chose to go back to school then. Imagine what he can bring to the team if he continues to progress like Adam Boqvist. We all know these two defensemen are untouchable, now we have to hope they can become top defenders on this team.

Drew Commesso:

Drew Commesso is not going to be wearing a Blackhawks uniform for a long time. As the team continues to push forward with Collin Delia and Malcolm Subban everyone knows their long-term hope in the net is Drew Commesso. Now we have to cross our fingers and wait.

Patrick Kane, Jonathan Toews, Duncan Keith, and Brent Seabrook:

We all know why these four players are on this list. The Blackhawks core four all hold no movement clauses on their contract that does not allow Stan Bowman to trade them away. While it was a necessary move at the time, I do not see the Blackhawks ever giving out that many no-movement clauses in the future because now those four guys hold a lot of power within this team.

I grouped the core four players together because they dictate their own future. If one of them asks for a trade I would assume all four of them would be asking for trades. Not to say they are a package deal and would only go to the same team, but I believe they all would be sharing the same frustrations to ask for a trade.

That all being said, if the Blackhawks manage to turn the corner on their rebuild by the end of the next three years, then there is no doubt in my mind Toews and Kane could still be playing big roles, as well as Keith in a limited capacity.

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While DeBrincat and Kubalik could be on this list, I believe they offer the team the best chance at landing some high level prospects and draft picks. This is a rebuild. However time will tell whether or not they move either of them. That would probably be a topic to discuss next season.

We will have to wait and see whether or not any of these untouchable players get dealt within the next few years of a rebuild. While the return on any of these players might be a first-round draft pick or a good prospect, it would only delay this team’s future success as a lot of these players are already NHL ready.