Chicago Blackhawks: 3 keys to success for Calvin de Haan

Calvin de Haan #44, Chicago Blackhawks Mandatory Credit: Sergei Belski-USA TODAY Sports
Calvin de Haan #44, Chicago Blackhawks Mandatory Credit: Sergei Belski-USA TODAY Sports /
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Chicago Blackhawks, Calvin de Haan #44
Chicago Blackhawks, Calvin de Haan #44 Mandatory Credit: Christopher Hanewinckel-USA TODAY Sports /

Key 1: Stay healthy

Sadly, de Haan has had to have a couple of major surgeries on the same shoulder, something he’d like to put behind him as reported by Ben Pope at the Sun-Times back in July. Easier said than done though, right? Generally speaking, you can’t really do much about getting hurt.

In de Haan’s case though, I’d expect he’s having regular conversations with Chicago’s medical staff. According to the article by Pope, this new surgery should solve de Haan’s problem. However, in his case, it would be wise of the defenseman to make any preparations he can to ensure he’s able to play without re-injuring the same shoulder, again.

Injuries are hard to manage, especially is a full-contact sport like hockey where the players are flying all over the place at high speed. Accidents happen, and it’s hard to account for all the ways someone might end a game, or season banged up.  Maybe different equipment could help? Maybe he could get fitted for a special kind of brace, or pad to protect himself. Pilates?

Whatever the solution is, he’s got to find a way to stay on the ice. More importantly, for his own sake, de Haan needs to try and not end up doing massive damage to the same shoulder. He’s a good player when healthy, and can be a big part of the Blackhawks this year. It would be a shame to see his career cut short by injuries, but de Haan might very well find himself in that situation. Additionally, Chicago is going to need him to keep up last year’s effort, and staying healthy is key to de Haan being a contributor.