Chicago Blackhawks: Can We Please Have Hockey In 2021?

Chicago Blackhawks (Photo by Jeff Vinnick/Getty Images)
Chicago Blackhawks (Photo by Jeff Vinnick/Getty Images) /

Honestly, who knows what is going to happen with this upcoming NHL season. There is still a lot of uncertainly, but I think we can all agree we just want some Chicago Blackhawks hockey again.

If you want to read up on all the potential plans for next season, it is a long list of speculation as the NHL has not made strides in the plans for the 2021 season. While we all want Chicago Blackhawks hockey back on our TVs, it is not a guarantee at this time.

The NHL was at one point targeting a December 1st start date for the 2020-21 season. Well obviously that has passed as today is December 1st. However, their next potential option was January 1st. While that could still potentially happen one would have to think it is going to be pushed back from that.

I want to see more hockey games sooner rather than later. I think a lot of people share that sentiment. There has been very little thought about whether or not the NBA or MLB was going to come back for another season, they are doing it. Why can’t the NHL?

The Blackhawks are not going to be the best team in the league next year. Chances are they are going to struggle, but I still want to watch the young players take the next step forward in their career, and I want to watch hockey again.

The past few days I have found myself turning on NHL Network to watch some highlights or see who they are considering the top wingers or defensemen in the NHL right now, and after watching for a little bit one thought comes to mind – I want to see NEW highlights and have something NEW to talk about.

The NHL might save money by not having a season. That might be the easy road for the owners to save some money and look ahead for 2021-22 instead, but that is not the best move in order to help grow the game of hockey even more. Hopefully, we will learn more about next season sooner rather than later.