Chicago Blackhawks All-Decade Team of the 1990s

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Ed Belfour, Chicago Blackhawks, Gary Suter

Ed Belfour, Chicago Blackhawks, Gary Suter (Photo by Graig Abel/Getty Images)

Although more recently accomplished talent has taken over their city, the Chicago Blackhawks had an unforgettable set of stars suit up for them through the 1990s.

The 1990s were an exciting decade for a lot of reasons and the Chicago Blackhawks made sure to align their roster accordingly. Unfortunately, as skilled as those lineups were, they ultimately failed to achieve the pinnacle of postseason success and never did capture a Stanley Cup for the city.

Chicago ranked as high as 1st overall throughout the league, while also placing as low as 24th during the 90s. They started the decade off strong, earning 106 points in both the1990-91 and 1992-93 seasons while making a Stanley Cup Final appearance in 1992.

That would turn out to be the peak of their success that decade. Yet, that didn’t stop their most recognizable characters from doing all they could to stitch their names into the fabric of the franchise along the way.

Between all-star appearances, awards, and career milestones, the elite of those Blackhawks’ lineups could certainly hold their own against the NHL’s best. What’s more, is how perfectly their personas fit within the organization’s image.

From top-line forwards who seemed to animate every play, to dependable defensemen adding unparalleled stability alongside their production, to a goalie that knew how to do all it took to keep his crease clear, the Blackhawks of the 90s were far from lacking in personality.

A lot of their best talent would, unfortunately, achieve greater accomplishments in different jerseys given that this franchise failed to hoist any Cups throughout the decade. However, they all made their mark on this city and Chicago surely left an imprint on them, as well.

These players are synonymous with the Blackhawks of the 90s and no fan could justifiably talk about those teams without mentioning these names.

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