The Blackhawks could have a tough matchup to begin the season in 2021

Chicago Blackhawks, Patrick Kane #88 Mandatory Credit: Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports
Chicago Blackhawks, Patrick Kane #88 Mandatory Credit: Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports /

The Chicago Blackhawks’ new season could begin within the next 30 days if everything works out, and it is going to be challenging from the start.

Before I dive in, I want to point out that nothing is set in stone yet for next season. There could very well be no season in 2021 as right now, both the players and the owners are still in talks with no decisions made for the new season. So as we talk about the Chicago Blackhawks plans for next season, know that a lot of this is speculation and rumors.

Next season is going to be tough for Chicago. There will be very little time for preseason and training camp for starters, so a lot of teams are just going to be thrown in hockey again for the first time since August.

Rumored divisions and different ways the NHL is going to play the new season have been flying around for the better part of a month, and one-way things are looking is Chicago will be in the same division as the Tampa Bay Lightning.

Tampa will be the Blackhawks’ toughest opponent this season under the new division, and they are coming off winning the Stanley Cup. The NHL might try to use the Blackhawks for their large market views to begin the season against the Lightning in the banner raising ceremony.

The Blackhawks have played in several banner-raising games throughout the past ten years, and this could be a great opportunity for the young ‘Hawks roster to see what they are made of against the best of the best.

Maybe the Blackhawks can play some great hockey to begin the season and pull out a win against a Lightning roster that might be a little distracted as they celebrate their Stanley Cup win a few months ago.

The thought of the Blackhawks beginning their season against the Lightning during the Lightning banner-raising game could be very exciting. Plus, the overall thought of watching hockey again sure sounds great.