Staff Predictions for the Chicago Blackhawks 2020-21 season

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The Blackhawks record will be…

Seth Stauffer: 

I don’t even want to speculate on this one. The team is primed to be a disaster. They’ll almost certainly outright lose the majority of their games, and will end up below .500 for the season. What I’m curious about is how many games will they be able to force into extra time.

I think they might be just good enough to push teams into overtime, but not really deep enough to really come out on top.  I don’t know if this is what will happen, but to put actual numbers on the season might be something like 12 – 25 – 19.

Steve Dishon: 

The Blackhawks record will be… 24-27-5

Matt Kamholz: 

The Blackhawks will be bad. I think we all can feel alright with saying that. Crawford, one of the best goalies in franchise history just left as a UFA and then retired. Toews and Dach, our top two centers are out for potentially the whole season. Nylander, another part of our top six is out for the whole year and was expected to take a step forward. To top it all off? We have to play Carolina, Dallas, and Tampa a combined 24 times. I really don’t see this team faring much better than 22-26-8.

Justin Klawans: 

With the shortened 56-game season, I think the ‘Hawks record will probably be around 22-29-5. While the team might end up having a bounce-back year, I still don’t think that this current group is going to finish with a great record, and I think the playoffs are still a longshot, especially with the loss of a solid goaltender in Corey Crawford.

Jimmy Goldenberg: 

The Blackhawks record will 19-31-6 (44 points). The team will be competitive in games, but a lack of scoring depth coupled with unreliable defensive and uncertainty in goal will inevitably sink them to the bottom part of the league.

Shaun Filippelli: 

Clearly, this franchise is going through a rebuild, so their record has to expect to see the same type of pattern. With that said, one of the things I’ve always said I appreciate most about the Blackhawks is that they always appear ready to battle and enter every game with a passion to play. They’ll struggle, no doubt about it, but they won’t stop trying. For that, they’ll be rewarded with some wins along the way and hopefully even some upsets of those that look to walk all over them while they’re down.

Dylan Terry: 

I think the Blackhawks will have a tough season, as this division features a lot of talent and teams that are on the rise. If you take that into account, as well as the Blackhawks’ misfortunate circumstances, I expect them to finish somewhere with a record around 23-27-6.

Jake Wheeler: 

I believe the Blackhawks record will be 20-31-5 this season. This is a harsh prediction and I hope I’m wrong, but with the injuries piling on so far, the lack of bonified top 4 defensemen, and a true starting goalie, it will be a tough year all around. Not to mention, every team in the Hawks division, aside from the Red Wings, looks to be in a better spot heading into the season than the ‘Hawks.

Jimmy Lynch: 

Chicago’s record is going to reflect a rebuilding team assuming the team doesn’t shock the world this coming season. Winning 20 games will probably reflect a good season for Chicago. If they can hit that mark then I think fans got to see some good hockey during a year where the ‘Hawks weren’t planning on being competitive. 22-27-7