The Blackhawks season is more than just one bad game

Malcolm Subban #30, Chicago Blackhawks Mandatory Credit: Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports
Malcolm Subban #30, Chicago Blackhawks Mandatory Credit: Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports /

The Chicago Blackhawks season is more than one bad game.

The Chicago Blackhawks did not start off their season on the right note when they lost 5 to 1 against the Tampa Bay Lightning on Wednesday night. While hope for a Stanley Cup Championship caliber team was nonexistent, any hope for a run to the playoffs was squandered thanks to the way the Lightning handled Chicago last night. However, one bad game is just one game.

The Blackhawks have 55 more games to play this season. While that first matchup was not great, there are a lot more opportunities to right the ship this season. The comeback starts with the ‘Hawks next game.

Splitting the series against Tampa Bay to start the season would be a great way to leave things till Sunday when Chicago takes on the Florida Panthers. While a win against Tampa might be unlikely, maybe the Lightning will underestimate the ‘Hawks after last night’s contest.

Similar to what Dylan Strome said last night following the loss, the Lightning have not seen the best out of the Blackhawks yet.

The first game of the season was not great for Chicago, and fans in the crowd only would have made things worse with how well Tampa Bay was rolling through the team. Chicago looked defeated halfway through the game, and fans online felt similarly.

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After giving up three goals in the first period many people were calling for Chicago to pull out Malcolm Subban and play Collin Delia. However this is not the Bears switching up quarterbacks three or four times throughout the season, the Blackhawks know what they are getting into with their goalies.

The Blackhawks need to put their faith in whatever goalie is in the net to start the game this season. This goalie competition is going to take some time to figure out a potential winner and loser, and both netminders might suffer at times, that is why the team can not switch things up in-game.

If Chicago had put in Delia after the first period last night and he then gave up three goals in the second what would the team do in the third? How would they then approach this next game knowing both their netminders have already failed?

The Blackhawks do not have the Crawford/Lehner caliber goalies they had last season. This year if they switch goalies in-game they are setting them up for a bad run to come. Besides it was not all horrible for Subban last night, he did make a few great saves to help offset the horrible second goal for Tampa Bay.

There is no perfect answer to make sense of the effort fans saw from the Blackhawks last night. Just remember there are still 55 games to go, and there is nowhere to go but up after that first game!