Blackhawks: The most recent Saad trade is only looking worse with age

Brandon Saad #20, Chicago Blackhawks Mandatory Credit: Matt Marton-USA TODAY Sports
Brandon Saad #20, Chicago Blackhawks Mandatory Credit: Matt Marton-USA TODAY Sports /

For most fans, seeing the Chicago Blackhawks change players is never easy. Watching fan favorites get traded or not re-signed is not a fun sight to see. After ten games this season, one trade is still not adding up.

The Blackhawks traded Brandon Saad and Dennis Gilbert to the Colorado Avalanche back in October. Also, they kept a million off of Saad’s contract to make the money work a little better for the Avalanche. In return, Chicago received Nikita Zadorov and Anton Lindholm.

The Gilbert and Lindholm swap is pretty much a wipe, although Gilbert is younger and has played a game this season. The Saad for Zadorov trade just does not add up still.

Brandon Saad might be in the final year of his contract, and he might not be a player that could demand a lot of money, considering he is in his prime at 28 years old. All that considered, the Blackhawks made a mistake letting their former two time Stanley Cup champion walk away from this team.

It looks like the Blackhawks have lost yet another Brandon Saad trade.

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Nikita Zadorov has been anything but impressive thus far this season. Yes, he is a big defenseman that can help keep Boqvist or Mitchell safe on the ice, but Saad is in a different league. Brandon Saad is doing great in his new environment. Having found a home on the second line, Saad has five goals and three assists in ten games with the Avalanche this season.

Bowman knew what he was giving up in October when he dealt Saad to the Avalanche; it is just beyond shocking that he did not get more in this trade. Watching the Blackhawks play, there is no doubt the team would have benefitted from having Saad on the ice. Yes, the team entered the year with some question marks financially, but I can not help but wonder how good the “A” would have looked on Saad’s jersey and just how many goals he would have scored for this team.

This is a trade that fans are going to revisit a lot through the coming seasons. Things can still change, as they did for Connor Murphy after that initial shock of that trade left. One thing is for sure to me, if the Avalanche go on a deep Stanley Cup run this season, I will be cheering on Brandon Saad in hopes that he can win his third Stanley Cup!