Chicago Blackhawks: Overtime hockey definitely is exciting

Dylan Strome #17, Chicago Blackhawks Mandatory Credit: Kamil Krzaczynski-USA TODAY Sports
Dylan Strome #17, Chicago Blackhawks Mandatory Credit: Kamil Krzaczynski-USA TODAY Sports /

Four of the Chicago Blackhawks games this season have required extra time, and thus far, the team remains winless after hitting the sixty-minute mark of a tie game.

The Chicago Blackhawks have battled pretty hard this season. While this team is definitely not perfect, they continue to push the limit and play some pretty good hockey when the game is close.

The Blackhawks haven’t managed to pull out a win in extra time yet this season, but boy, has it been exciting to watch this team play in overtime. OT hockey is some of the most exciting hockey to watch during the regular season.

We have seen several periods barely reach ten shots on goal when combining both teams’ chances, so having the game’s pace shake-up to action-packed in OT with loads of scoring opportunities is great. The way three on three OT hockey works is all about possession.

Even though overtime hockey is fun to watch, it has not given the Chicag Blackhawks a win this season.

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The Blackhawks have had their chances in OT, and in large part, that has to do with keeping the puck on their sticks. Usually, at the faceoff of overtime, if Chicago does not win it, Patrick Kane skates back to the bench to bring out a more defensive forward to help get the puck back. Once possession is re-established, it is off to the races for the ‘Hawks, and with that usually comes another line change.

There have been some interesting pairings in OT as well. Players like Suter, Kane, and Keith combine for a great rush in extra time that definitely will end with a goal at some point. Kevin Lankinen has been in the net for all but one OT games this season, in large part that has to do with how good Lankinen has been at keeping games close for the ‘Hawks.

We would not be able to talk about overtime without mentioning the shoot out. The Blackhawks have been horrible once the game has gone to a shootout, and that has to do with how much chance is involved in shootouts.

Patrick Kane has been blanked twice in the shootout this season. Kane is an excellent stick handler, but his old trick of slowing down in front of the goalie and trying to deke them out of the net might not work anymore. Also, maybe Jeremy Colliton can give Dominik Kubalik a chance in the shootout next time the team makes it to that point.

Yes, overtime hockey is great, but as the Blackhawks continue along with their season, maybe the team can try and end the game in regulation for a change. It is a testimony to how hard working the ‘Hawks were last night, and that they did not give up after allowing two goals in the first or after falling behind 3-2 in the third, that they eventually made it to extra time. Let’s see what happens as the Blackhawks move forward this season.