Beating Detroit is essential to the Chicago Blackhawks success

Kevin Lankinen #32, Chicago Blackhawks (Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images)
Kevin Lankinen #32, Chicago Blackhawks (Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images) /

The Chicago Blackhawks play the Detriot Red Wings eight times this season, and two of their matchups are already in the books. Capturing as many points as possible against the Wings is a necessity for the Blackhawks this season.

The Blackhawks, as of now, are actually contending for a playoff position. Even though the roster is depleted, the team is in a place to push for the playoffs. It is still a stretch that the Blackhawks find their way in, but nothing is impossible.

The Blackhawks and Red Wings face off eight times this season; 16 points are on the line. Chicago already secured the win in the first two matchups, along with the wins, they added four points in the standings. If the Blackhawks can win all of their matchups against the struggling Red Wings, they would have added 16 points; those points could be the difference-maker between playoffs and golf this summer for the team.

Detroit is a struggling team once again. Through their first 16 games, they have only won four games. The Blackhawks need to make sure they are not one of the teams that give Detroit a win.

How many points will the Chicago Blackhawks need to make the playoffs? 

It takes about 90 points to make the playoffs during a regular season, but this is not a typical season. The NHL is playing a shortened 56 game season, so to calculate how many points will be needed, we need to look at point percentage.

"Alex DeBrincat’s turnaround is what the Blackhawks needed"

The usual average to make the playoffs is at around 60% point percentage. That means out of the possible points all season; the team took 60% of the points available. Teams have made it with less in the past, but with this season just including the top four teams, I figured let’s aim up a little bit.

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For the Blackhawks to get at least a .6 points percentage, they need to get 67 points. They are already on their way there with 18 points so far. The remaining games against Detroit are critical for the Blackhawks to get to the 67 point mark.

Chicago will have to do a lot of winning from here on out to push for the playoffs, and winning their matchups against Detroit will allow a little bit of slack when they are playing teams like Tampa Bay.

The Blackhawks are a better team than Detroit. Going into this season, fans expected the two teams to be on the same level, but Chicago has raised the bar on what is expected of them as a team.

Nashville has struggled to begin the year, and Columbus and Chicago are in the same position in the standings. Every game is a must-win due to how good the competition is within the division, so games against Detroit need to be automatic wins.

Let’s hope the team starts their long road trip on the right foot tonight in Detroit!