Blackhawks: It’s time to give Collin Delia another chance in net

Collin Delia #60, Chicago Blackhawks Mandatory Credit: Douglas DeFelice-USA TODAY Sports
Collin Delia #60, Chicago Blackhawks Mandatory Credit: Douglas DeFelice-USA TODAY Sports /

Collin Delia has not played a game with the Chicago Blackhawks since January, and it might be time for the team to consider giving him another chance to shine. The Blackhawks have relied heavily on Kevin Lankinen and that is justified as he has been great posting a .925 save percentage and winning six games so far this season.

Behind Lankinen has been Malcolm Subban. Subban began the season by giving up five goals in his first matchup. While that performance was not great, he eventually was given another opportunity in game eight of the season. During that game, Subban played better and helped push to OT against the Predators.

Subban did not start the season off great. His bad play in his first matchup could have kept him out of the lineup completely, but the team gave him another chance. This same thought process needs to apply for Delia as well.

Collin Delia was not great to begin the season. As of now, he has a goals-against average of five goals as he gave up five goals in both of his first two matchups. that is not great by any means, but the only way to improve it would be giving him back the net at some point to see what he is made of.

The Chicago Blackhawks should give Collin Delia another chance in net, but when and why?

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Kevin Lankinen is the best goalie the Blackhawks have to offer, and he has been pretty good. In the years to come, I could see him being a big part of the team if he can keep playing at the level he is right now. But for this year, the Blackhawks want to see all three of these goalies playing well.

Delia sitting on his two losses is not the worst thing in the world, but at some point, the team needs to make a decision on him before they have to use him again. Putting Delia in the net against a team like Detroit might be the best way for him to boost back his confidence. Then Colliton and company can sit him for a while again and devote more time with Lankinen.

Injuries happen in the NHL, and goalies are not immune to injuries. If Lankinen goes down and then all of a sudden the Blackhawks have to use Delia, it would be nice if he already had his first game in the bag.

The Blackhawks goaltending battle has not been much of competition so far this season, but in order to make it one, the team needs to make sure they’re giving out some chances to more than just a few players.