The Chicago Blackhawks need to keep Dylan Strome involved

Jeremy Colliton, Dylan Strome #17, Chicago Blackhawks (Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images)
Jeremy Colliton, Dylan Strome #17, Chicago Blackhawks (Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images) /

The Chicago Blackhawks have been getting scoring from a lot of different players the past few games. One player that has not been getting involved has been Dylan Strome. Strome started the season on a high note playing on the top line and doing his best to help the team win; as time has gone on, though, his numbers have gone down.

During the first nine games of the season, Strome tallied three goals and three assists. That is not the best, but it is keeping him productive on a team that is considering him to be their number one center.

During the past eight games, though, Strome has only three points. His faceoff percentage has just gone down with time, and so has his ice time for the most part. I think this is the main issue Jeremy Colliton has as a coach as of now. His ability to get players out of slumps has not been great.

Last season when Strome and Debrincat struggled, Colliton kept pushing them down in the lineup, and that is what he is doing to Strome again. Look at how DeBrincat is playing this season, and you can see that sometimes the younger players need to play through some issues to get better.

It would be amazing if every forward on the Blackhawks could be offensive threats night in and night out, but that logistically can not happen. I want to see the ice time and scoring chances spread evenly.

The Chicago Blackhawks need to give Dylan Strome the opportunities to succeed this season.

We saw earlier this season Kubalik was getting no playing time, and for no reason either. Kubalik hadn’t played poorly to earn him a bottom spot in the lineup. Instead, he was coming off his first season in the NHL, where he put up 30 goals. Ice time needs to be divided up in a better manner.

Through the first 12 games, Strome’s grade showed room for improvement, and it seems like he has not improved just yet. Getting him back on track will not happen if his chances are limited and he is not playing with the right guys.

Personally, I think the Blackhawks need to pair Strome with at least Kane or DeBrincat. For depth purposes, the team does not need to put all three of them together, but at least one of the two paired with him would help give Strome a better chance.