No lead is big enough for the Chicago Blackhawks right now

Kevin Lankinen #32, Chicago Blackhawks (Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images)
Kevin Lankinen #32, Chicago Blackhawks (Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images) /

The Chicago Blackhawks have made blowing leads their thing so far this season. While this is a rebuilding year, playing with a lead is something any team should be able to do, especially if we are talking about two or three-goal leads.

The Blackhawks have been a team that plays well for stretches of a game. However, they also disappear from the ice from time to time. The numbers support that the Blackhawks are not really on top of things when they have a lead either.

So far this season, the Blackhawks are 8-1-2 when leading after two periods. While it is a little disheartening that the Hawks have only entered the third period eleven times with a lead, the fact that they dropped three of those contests also hurts.

Chicago is just missing some pieces, and they are a rebuilding team, so it is justified. While it is frustrating that the team is 0-2 in one-goal games, or the fact that they have been dropping multigoal leads the past few games, I think understanding the bigger picture makes things a little easier.

Jeremy Colliton and the Chicago Blackhawks are still learning how to win in this league.

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This team is filled with rookies, and while Jeremy Colliton is one of the more long-tenured coaches in the NHL, he is still one of the youngest ones around. Colliton and the Hawks have a great worth ethic. They just have not been able to keep it going through the entire contest.

Sometimes the team is giving up on plays to defend a lead, but in turn, they are exposing themselves in their own end by giving up the puck right away. These are all things that Colliton will get better at with time, and so will the rest of the Hawks roster.

Now for this season, the Blackhawks could still make the playoffs. They need to get this in check. Let’s take a look at the Blackhawks’ last six losses.

Blackhawks lose to Florida 6-3: Chicago held a 3-1 lead in the second period.

Blackhawks lose to Florida 4-2: Chicago held a 1-0 lead in the second period.

Blackhawks lose to Dallas 6-1: No lead was held.

Blackhawks lose to Tampa Bay 6-3: Chicago held a 3-0 lead in the second period, then gave up three goals in under five minutes.

Blackhawks lose to Tampa Bay 3-2: Chicago held a 2-0 lead going into the third period.

Blackhawks lose to Detroit 5-3: No lead was held.

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In their past six games, the Blackhawks have given up a three-goal lead, two two-goal leads, and a one-goal lead. Maybe the team needs to do a better job attacking and forgetting the scoreboard after scoring a goal, or maybe there is nothing to do, and the fact that they were playing Florida and Tampa Bay just ended things for the Hawks.