The Chicago Blackhawks are doing better than their biggest rival

Chicago Blackhawks (Photo by Jeff Vinnick/Getty Images)
Chicago Blackhawks (Photo by Jeff Vinnick/Getty Images) /

The Chicago Blackhawks are without a lot of the teams that are usually in their division. This season the Central Division is looking a lot different because of the pandemic and limiting travel.

Because of how this season is working, it might be hard to keep up with teams outside of the Central Division, so Blackhawks fans might not know what is going on with the Colorado Avalanche, Minnesota Wild, St. Louis Blues, or Winnipeg Jets. Well, Hawks fans might like to catch up with the Blues right now.

The Blackhawks and Blues rivalry has been electric for a long time now, this season, the Hawks are not going to play the Blues once, but luckily they were reunited with the Detroit Red Wings this season.

The only way the Hawks and Blues would meet this season is through a playoff matchup, but unfortunately for the Blues, that seems to be out of the picture for now.

The Chicago Blackhawks are doing better than one of their biggest rivals.

The St. Louis Blues have a record of 16-16-6 with 38 points, yes it might not seem like much, but the Hawks are leading the Blues by one point with a record of 17-17-5. Going into the season, if someone had told me the Hawks and Blues would be around the same mark in points by April, I would have said they are crazy.

The Hawks seem to be on pace to be better next season when the real Central Division comes back together. They have one of the youngest teams and could be in a better position by next October.

The Blues are currently on a seven-game losing streak that is not going to get the team very far, and according to our friends over at Bleedin Blue, the biggest thing changing with the Blues is what to fix, as there are new problems each night with the team.

While it is frustrating to watch the Hawks have a bad season right now, at least there is the possibility that things will be different when Chicago gets back with their real divisional opponents.