Vinnie Hinostroza Found His Place on the Chicago Blackhawks

Vinnie Hinostroza #28, Chicago Blackhawks (Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images)
Vinnie Hinostroza #28, Chicago Blackhawks (Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images) /

Vinnie Hinostroza has always had speed and underrated playmaking ability. He showcased both yesterday night for the Chicago Blackhawks.

The Chicago Blackhawks look to now have three effective lines, adding Vinnie Hinostroza on a line with Philipp Kurashev and Dominik Kubalik. He isn’t the biggest player in the league, but he adds more offensive upside than Matthew Highmore, who was scratched.

The play on the rush before Kubalik’s goal was textbook Blackhawks hockey: use speed and offensive awareness to get a SOG or a goal on the play.

He got the puck and didn’t race to the net but waited as Kubalik was streaking on the opposite wing. He then practiced patience with the puck and passed to Kubalik. He would then squeak the puck under the pads of Oettinger, bringing the ‘Hawks a 2-0 lead.

He also plays the body very well, getting in on the forecheck and throws his body around. I thought he would have been a great fit on the fourth line, but his tenacity is needed in the top nine as well.

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The coaching staff looks to have found yet another effective line on the offensive zone. He plays with an aggressive backcheck, and the entire team should take note of this. They have not been very active getting back, making it hard on the puck carrier, not just getting back into position.

Hinostroza played a great first game back, solid in every zone. The fact the Hawks brought him back for a 24-year-old ECHL player makes it that much better. An effective player for a cheap price isn’t common, especially in Bowman’s tenure as the GM.

The Hawks look to had added a great piece to their team for their potential playoff push and are still intact with all of their valuable assets still on the team.

The Blackhawks look to have won this trade by a landslide, but it may still be too soon to make a final conclusion.