Alex DeBrincat is the Blackhawks Offensive MVP of 2021

Alex DeBrincat #12, Chicago Blackhawks (Photo by Stacy Revere/Getty Images)
Alex DeBrincat #12, Chicago Blackhawks (Photo by Stacy Revere/Getty Images) /

Alex DeBrincat‘s turnaround this past season was the best thing about this 2021 season. While the Chicago Blackhawks might have missed out on the playoffs and ended their year a little too early, DeBrincat gave Blackhawks fans something to be excited about.

Alex DeBrincat scored a lot of goals this past season. Finishing the season with 32 goals, DeBrincat was in the top five in scoring and was nine shy of tying his career-high of 41 goals he set in 2018-19. Oh yeah but that came in a full 82 games, this came in 52.

Today we are talking about DeBrincat being the offensive MVP this season, but he was more than just that for the Blackhawks.

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If Alex DeBrincat did not bounce back this season the Blackhawks would have been a lot worse. DeBrincat had seven game-winning goals and 22 even-strength goals. The Hawks kind of struggled at 5 on 5 this season so having someone be as effective as DeBrincat was is great.

In the final seven games of the season, DeBrincat had at least one goal every game. It is pretty obvious he ended the season on a good note. I just hope that he can play at that level next season when the team needs him again.

The Blackhawks have a busy off-season ahead of them, but luckily DeBrincat is not someone the team needs to worry about. The Cat is signed through the end of the 22-23 season and that would take his contract off of the books the same time that Jonathan Toews and Patrick Kane are done with theirs. By then one would imagine that DeBrincat will be looking for a little more money while Kane and Toews will be making less.

DeBrincat can play and be effective with anyone. Honestly, I think it is safe to say the biggest change for him was the shots just finally started to go in. In 2019-20 Debrincat had an 8.7 shooting percentage, that number jumped to 20.6. Even if the Blackhawks’ new sniper comes down to earth a little he still will be leading the team in goals.