Blackhawks Update: Playoffs and more a week into the off-season

Patrick Kane #88, Mike Hardman #86, Mackenzie Entwistle #58, Chicago Blackhawks Mandatory Credit: Eileen T. Meslar-USA TODAY Sports
Patrick Kane #88, Mike Hardman #86, Mackenzie Entwistle #58, Chicago Blackhawks Mandatory Credit: Eileen T. Meslar-USA TODAY Sports /

The Chicago Blackhawks season ended a week ago. While this team hasn’t been playing there still is a lot to talk about. This off-season we are bringing back our biweekly “Blackhawks Update”. This will be an opportunity to check in with this around the league while also highlighting a few pieces of news.

With it being the off-season, everyone’s attention will have to turn to the NHL draft pretty soon. Check out‘s top prospects to watch at the draft. We will be highlighting a few players that the team should draft eventually, but for now, give this a read.

The playoffs are underway, who doesn’t love playoff hockey? Maybe the Blackhawks will be involved next summer.

There have been four playoff games thus far, and while we are a Blackhawks blog, let’s talk about each game a little bit.

Washington 3 – Boston 2 (OT) 

The first playoff game of the season did not disappoint with things going to OT on night one. Honestly, this was such a great matchup and is going to be a fun series. It is weird seeing Chara on a team that isn’t Boston, and it makes me think of the Blackhawks losing one of their stars like that someday.

New York 4 – Pittsburgh 3 (OT)

I don’t want to get ahead of myself but another first-round exit for Pittsburgh wouldn’t hurt. The Blackhawks and Penguins were once the two best teams in the league and now they still remain while Chicago sits at the bottom.

Minnesota 1 – Vegas 0 (OT)

After watching this game I kept saying how even 1-0 games can be a lot of fun in the NHL. So many great chances, great goaltending and so much more, then the next game started.

Tampa Bay 5 – Florida 4 

The only thing better than 1-0 close games is high-scoring fun ones. Even though Tampa took game one the fact that Florida stuck with them has to be a good feeling. Plus with Coach Q behind the bench, you never know what can happen the longer this series goes.

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The Blackhawks are going to have to work a lot harder to make it to the postseason. Every move they make needs to be the right one, which includes the free-agent signings and the NHL Draft.

This group is not all going to be back next season, it just wouldn’t make sense to do that with where they finished in the standings. Even though it is the off-season there is still hockey to watch on the tv!